Sougayilang Colorful Baitcasting Reel

This baitcasting reel is probably the market’s most fashionable, and will stand out when you’re fishing with your friends or competing in tournaments. But aside from its aesthetics, the Sougayilang Colorful baitcasting reel is well designed and engineered. It is made from stainless steel and is designed for right handed users. It uses a matte skin surface that feels good in the palm of your hand while providing dependable performance.


  • Captive style tension knob
  • Spool made from aluminum
  • Golf type handle
  • O-ring style ceramic based Line guide


This fishing reel is designed with premium brass in the pinion and main gears and has a long service life. It doesn’t produce excessive noise during casting and retrieval and is outfitted with an 8.0:1 gear ratio that is smooth and fast. It is engineered to capture bigger fish with a maximum weight of 18 pounds. Both amateur as well as veteran anglers enjoy using it because it is versatile and capable of operating even in the most challenging fishing environments. The line guide is o-shaped and made from ceramics which gives the fishing line extra protection when casting long distances.

Specialized Handle

The Sougayilang Colorful fishing reel has a handle which is light in weight and made from aluminum which is slip resistant.  The grips are made with polymer that allows anglers to fish all day without their wrists or hands becoming tired, and unlike other reels the handles are waterproof and resistant to wear. The spool itself is comprised of aluminum, which reduces it weight further to 7.4 ounces, which according to those who’ve tested it is about ten percent lighter than most competing brands.


  • Tough and reliable yet light in weight
  • Fabulous matte skin with black, purple and blue color
  • The handles are waterproof and slip resistant
  • Solid polymer grip which remains comfortable after extended use


  • Its clear coat is susceptible to peeling

Steady Performance

The Sougayilang Colorful fishing reel is made with nine ball bearings that consist of stainless steel which are shielded with an anti-reverse style bearing that is instant. Like other high end baitcasters, it has a magnetic brake mechanism that uses ten magnets which give fishermen multiple spool levels for the elimination of irritating overruns, which allows them to focus on capturing fish. The casting is long and controlled and it is compatible with baits of every size in various conditions.

Swing Wing Construction

The reel’s side cover is ergonomically designed and will connect to the reel even when opened. This is important because it will protect all the internal components, and the side cover no longer has the annoying tendency of falling off. This reel uses CNC level aluminum that is machined; with a spool that is U-shaped which will give you extra line speed and capacity.

Which Lures Work Best With the Sougayilang Colorful Fishing Reel? 

Anglers that target bigger fish species like muskies, bass, walleyes and northern pike prefer using these baitcasting reels. The reason is because these reels can handle lines which are heavier and are compatible with stout style equipment. As such, the preferred lures for most baitcasters are the artificial ones which weigh over ¼ ounce.

Crank baits

Many fishermen consider crank baits to be the best diving lures. They are usually shaped like minnow and contain plastic bills in front. During casting and retrieval, these bills will dig against water which then makes the lure dive. Crank baits are wildly popular among fishermen hunting for walleye or bass, but will also attract bites from other species.

Weedless Lures

Weedless lures are excellent for Sougayilang baitcasting reels, because anglers can put them in places with heavier cover. For heavy cover, fishermen must use baitcasting tools which are also heavy so that they have the needed strength to pull the fish away from its concealed position and onto the boat. Texas rig style plastic worms and plastic frogs are prime examples of Weedless lures that will work well.

Top Water Lures

This Sougayilang fishing rod will reel in its line faster than other reel types, which is the reason so many anglers depend on it. This is especially true when using top water lures since they will not float automatically. Perhaps the most famous example is buzz baits.

Live Bait vs. Artificial Bait

Live Bait

Live bait consists of living animals such as small fish, insects or worms which can be used to catch bigger fish. This is the bait preferred by most fishermen, especially professionals. However, it requires significantly more skill and work than artificial bait. Before using live bait with your Sougayilang Colorful fishing reel, you must know the conditions which are most optimal for it.

The main benefit of using live bait is that it is affordable. You can use casting nets to catch it, and it isn’t necessary to constantly visit a bait shop. This will actually save you some money during fishing excursions.

The second benefit of live bait is that it does not require training. Whereas fishing with artificial bait is a skill that must be learned, using live bait is straightforward. Once you have it in your possession, and the conditions are right, you’ll capture the fish you’re looking for. The third benefit is that live bait is the better choice at night. For fishermen who like fishing in the evening, live bait has proven to be superior to its artificial counterparts.

The downside of using live bait is that it is not applicable for every season. If the time and conditions are not right, it won’t work. Live bait, as you can imagine, is also high maintenance. The insects, worms and small fish have to be kept alive, which can be time consuming and costly. It is also messy, so you should expect to dirty your hands. Dealing with live fish involves blood and the smell so fishermen who choose this method must be prepared for it.

Artificial Bait

Artificial bait usually consists of plastic which is designed to mimic bait which is live. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes and there are fishermen that prefer making their own. As with live baits, they will only be effective if the conditions are right. The main benefit of using artificial bait is their low cost and ease of maintenance.

They can also be reused multiple times before having to be replaced, and when well-designed they will last a long time. They are therefore the bait of choice among anglers who like fishing aggressively. The downside to artificial bait is that they cannot be used in every season. They also require practice, and are not well suited for amateurs. Those who are new to fishing that just purchased their Sougayilang reel will need to train and experiment to find out which lure works best for them.

What are the Right Conditions for Live and Artificial Bait?

There are a number of factors that must be considered before choosing live or artificial bait, and these are the light levels, water clarity, and temperature and fish activity.

Light Level: Most anglers agree that you have a greater chance of catching a fish while using artificial lures in bright lights instead of dark. For live bait, the opposite is true, which is why anglers who use them typically fish at night. Live bait has a scent which is most handy during the evening.

Water clarity: Clear water is most advantageous for artificial lures, because it will be easier for nearby fish to see it. Live bait does well in murky water where the scent will draw fish, and you can even use dead bait since its odor will be stronger.

Temperature: Research and experience confirms that warmer temperatures are best for artificial lures. Anglers will want to begin with bucktail jigs and soft plastic, and then transition to metal lures and minnows when the temperatures rise. Live bait should be used in colder water temperatures. You’ll want to start with the live bait, then transition to cut and dead bait as the water temperature falls. Specimens with the strongest odor are best.

Fish activity: Artificial bait is the best choice in environments where fish activity is high. When fish activity is low, you’ll want to switch to live bait. The scent is the main thing that will draw the fish to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sougayilang Colorful Fishing Reel use twelve weight lures and jigs?

Yes, it can definitely be used with both jigs and a twelve pound line.

Will this baitcasting reel function in salt water?

Yes, it can be used in saltwater, but the reel must be washed using freshwater afterward. Overtime the saltwater might wear it out.

What is the exact handle size of this reel?

This reel has a measurement of 100mm at 4IN.


The Sougayilang Colorful baitcasting reel is an excellent rod for flipping and casting. It has smooth action, can be used in multiple environments, and is long lasting. While the reel action and controls are good, the only drawback that has been reported by users is the peeling of the clear coat.

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