Plano Guide Series 3500 Fishing Tackle Bag

Are you a fishing enthusiast looking for the perfect tackle bag to take on your next fishing trip with the boys? Plano Tackle bag is the ultimate solution. This tackle bag has lots of cool features; it is spacious, comfortable and has a non-skid base. If you want to learn more about this fishing tackle bag, you are in the right spot.

Here is a detailed Plano fishing tackle bag to tell you everything you need to know about this product.


  • Plano fishing tackle bag is premium quality 
  • This bag is super spacious and large 
  • It is a waterproof fishing bag 
  • This bag has a non-skid base 
  • This bag is very affordable 
  • It has a neutral and simple design 
  • It has a soft padded shoulder strap 
  • The bag has big zippers and pulls


  • It is a heavy and bulky fishing tackle bag
  • The bag has a boring old fashion style 
  • The bag is not available in other colors 


Plano is one of the oldest manufacturers of fishing backpacks and other outdoor storage solutions. Plano was established by Warren Pete Henning when he first created a tackle box with molded plastic. Today, after 60 years, the brand has become the go-to place for all outdoor equipment including fishing and hunting. Nearly every fishing hobbyist has bought a Plano fishing tackle box once at least. The reason why Plano stands out from its competitors is because apart from tackle boxes and fishing bags, it offers a wide range of fishing products like satchels, coolers, tackle boxes, etc. Plano fishing products will stand the test of time and look as good as new for years to come. The durable fishing bags will withstand freshwater and saltwater fishing. To conclude, if you want a high-quality fishing tackle bag and other outdoor storage products, Plano is the brand you can trust. 


  • The bag is available in Beige/Khaki color with black trim
  • The bag can accommodate 5 3500 fishing tackle boxes
  • The bag has a soft padded shoulder strap 
  • All-new TPR molded base
  • Includes tackle storage stows
  • Waterproof compartment for valuables 
  • The bag weighs 3.6 pounds 
  • The bag is made of Nylon material 
  • Package dimensions (L X W X H) are 14.5 x 9 x 8 inches 
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year 

Product Features 

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the features this fishing tackle box has to offer:

  • Strong Build 

The Plano fishing tackle bag 3500 features a solid construction with rugged 1860 Denier fabric. The bag is made up of true 900D high density military nylon oxford which is a super tough and rigid material. Thus, making the bag durable and designed to hold its shape and color for a lifetime. It is surely a quality investment for fishing lovers. 

  • No Skid Technology 

The Plano premium fishing tackle bag has a non TRP with molded foot pads to create maximum friction and prevent the bag from slipping and falling. This guide series tackle bag uses extra-strong magnets to lock lures and tools in place for added grip. This extra rigidity and gripping power will keep your bag safe from sliding off the boat when you’re busy catching some fish. 

  • Waterproof 

This Plano fishing tackle bag is waterproof so no matter what your bag will be safe from the waves. It features a waterproof pocket to hold your valuable items like cell phone, license, wallet, etc. It also contains a tough internal PU waterproof layer. So, this bag will also keep your tackle boxes and fishing equipment protected from water damage and abrasion. 

  • Premium Quality Details 

The Plano guide series 3500 fishing tackle bag has excellent premium finishing details like metal zippers, ABS buckle, reflective night strips, laser cut MOLLE attachment points and reinforced stress points. These touches give this fisherman a strong and sturdy build. Plus, the bag comes with two high quality fishing tackle boxes – yup, that’s right! You get Plano tackle storage stows with the bag. The smart designed partitions will organize your fishing bait, jig hooks, weights and fishing reel. Now, isn’t that amazing? 

  • Large Capacity Spacious Bag 

This multifunctional bag is medium sized with a spacious interior. The two main compartments have multiple inner pockets to store your bait boxes and other stuff. The exterior of the bag features side pockets and a middle pocket with metal zippers. You also get a separate pocket for a water bottle and multiple slots for your tools. For example, the bag has a holder for fishing rods and expandable resin hooks. 

  • Increased Functionality and Efficiency 

This fishing tackle bag will improve activity, functionality and efficiency for fishers. This bag will easily accommodate and carry all the basic fishing equipment including fishing rods, bait boxes, etc. So, pack up your basic fishing accessories and carry the bag on your shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap. You will have your hands free for other things. All in all, the Plano guide series is a great way to add ease and functionality to your fishing trips. 

  • Reputable Product 

Plano Guide series is a well reputed collection of fishing tackle bags. It has thousands of positive reviews with a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon. Most customers are satisfied with this fishing tackle bag for its capacity, durability and strength. Moreover, Plano gives its customers a 1-year warranty. All in all, this bag is a great fishing bag which customers love to take along on their fishing trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Plano guide series 3500 fishing tackle bag. 

Q1. Are the stowaways waterproof in the 3500 series fishing tackle bag?

No, the stowaways in this tackle bag are not waterproof currently. But you can get your own waterproof ones. 

Q2. What is the color theme of a fishing tackle bag?

This fishing tackle bag comes in a color combination of black, brown and tan colors. The bag also has brown leather accents to enhance the visual appearance of the bag. 

Q3. How effective is the magnet?

This fishing tackle bag has a very strong patent pending magnet drop zone that can hold anything from knives to hooks. No matter what, nothing will fall off and your things will be in place. 

Q4. Is this tackle bag suitable for saltwater?

The Plano fishing tackle bag is designed to be your ultimate companion on both seawater and freshwater fishing trips. It will not get damaged and easily withstand the harsh waves and rough weather. 

Q5. How many stows does this Plano guide series 3500 fishing bag have?

This Plano guide series 3500 fishing bag comes with 5 x 3500 stows. You can stack them vertically or horizontally.

Q6. Can I return this bag?

Yes, this bag is eligible for return, refund and replacement policy within 30-days of date of receipt. Whether customers buy this fishing tackle bag from the official Plano website or Amazon, they are allowed to return it. You can easily return the item in case of damage or wrongful delivery. 

Q7. What is the price of this fishing tackle bag? 

This Plano guide series 3500 fishing tackle bag is available for a price of $69.99 on Amazon.

Q8. This bag is suitable for which fishing technique?

The Plano 3500 guide series fishing bag is designed for multiple fishing use. Anglers can use it for casting and spinning fishing. 

Q9. Is this bag available in more sizes?

Yes, this Plano fishing tackle bag is available in three different sizes. All the sizes are spacious enough to the bait boxes vertically, as well as, horizontally. Moreover, the Plano Guide Series includes different makes and models of fishing tackle bags. These include 3600 series, 3700 series and 3700 XL series. Each bag in the series has its own special feature. For example, the Plano Guide Series 3700 XL has a unique hybrid backpack design. 


Plano has been delivering premium fishing products since the 1950s. The Plano Guide Series fishing tackle bag is yet another amazing product of Plano. This fishing bag has everything you need in a good fishing bag. It is waterproof, spacious, good sized, sturdy and durable. It will hold all your essentials for a perfect and hassle-free fishing trip. All in all, if you are looking for an affordable fishing bag that will meet all your requirements, this is the one. 

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