Piscifun Travel Pro Fishing Tackle Bag Water-Resistant Fishing Tray Bag

A good quality fishing tackle bag makes all the difference. Your fishing tackle bag is a determining factor in whether you will have a relaxing time on the water catching some fish. Otherwise, it can easily turn your fishing trip into an underequipped and frustrating excursion. Fishing in rivers, ponds or lakes turns into a trial when you have to keep walking back to your vehicle to get bait, lure, rods or fly box. And don’t even get us started on the danger of accidentally dropping your tackle box into the water. With the right tackle bag, you don’t have to worry about such things. Piscifun Travel Pro Fishing Tackle Bag is a fishing gear 

Here is a detailed product description of Piscifun Travel Pro Fishing Tackle Bag. So, without further ado, let’s dig right in.  


  • This bag is made with water-resistant material
  • The bag is strong and sturdy 
  • It is durable and long lasting 
  • Made for saltwater and freshwater fishing 
  • This bag is available in different sizes 
  • Very spacious and large 
  • Comes with 4 x 3600 tackle trays 
  • It is very affordable 
  • Includes adjustable divider 
  • It has multiple pockets 
  • It has 4.6/5 rating on Amazon


  • This bag is bulky and heavy 
  • Not available in different colors 
  • Excessive amount of straps


Less than a decade old, Piscifun has already become an international brand for fishing gear.  Piscifun was launched in 2013 by two best friends, Ben and Peter. The brand name is derived from a Latin word called Pisci meaning fish. Hence, Piscifun stands for “fishing is fun”.  Piscifun proudly introduces itself as “Fish with Family, a brand dedicated to fishing. It has been delivering high quality fishing gear at an affordable price to avid anglers across the globe. Piscifun develops innovative and new products for its customer’s needs. The brand works with pro fisherman to understand industry insights and make sure they are creating products that anglers want. Thus, their customers always receive top-notch quality products that enhance the fishing experience. You will find a wide range of fishing products including lines, lures, apparel, rods, reels and bags. 


  • This tackle bag weighs 19.6 x 12 x 9.1 inches (L X W X H)
  • The weight of the bag is 3.58 kgs 
  • Bag is made of Eva, PVC, Nylon, Oxford Fabric
  • 132 exquisite sewing procedures
  • Sandwich waterproof bottom
  • Three comfortable carrying modes
  • Mesh pockets and pliers sheath 
  • Heavy duty buckles and double SBS zippers

Product Features 

Here is a list of the best features of this Piscifun fishing tackle bag: 

  • Ultra-Large Storage Space

One feature every tackle bag should have is a large storage space. The Piscifun fishing tackle bag offers ample storage capacity. You can easily pack all your gear in this one bag. The internal compartment is big enough to hold 4 x 3600 or 3700 tackle boxes. The dimensions of the main compartment are 10.62 x 9.06 x 3.94 inches (L X H X W). The bag also includes many external zipper and slip pockets to store terminal tackle, trays, soft baits and other fishing accessories. The external rubber coated mesh pockets are excellent for holding your water bottle, rain gear or pliers for quick access. Moreover, 2 hook & loop fastener pockets are also available. One downside of the large size is that the bag becomes very bulky and heavy to carry. 

  • Special Stitching and Durability 

The Piscifun fishing tackle bag features a special 132 exquisite sewing procedures to ensure the bag is extremely strong, reliable and durable. The whole external body of the bag is made of 600D PVC material. This 600D PVC is said to be better than the traditional 400D rip-stop nylon. Moreover, the filled EPE delivers great composure for the fishing tackle bag along with the 210D Oxford that makes it tougher and more tactile. The bag also contains SBS double zippers to last long. So, this bag is built to last many decades. 

  • Waterproof 

The Piscifun fishing tackle bag is made up of water-resistant material which makes this bag 100% waterproof. The bag also has a sandwich waterproof bottom with a 3-layer external PU coating, inner sewing fabric and intermediate EVA. Thus, your bag will stay dry and safe from water damage even when placed on the wet surface of a boat or deck. The rust and abrasion resistance make this bag a great option compared to other bags in the market. So, don’t worry about the bag getting destroyed by water. Both your bag and the components in it will be safe from water damage. 

  • Special Details 

There is nothing better than free stuff. The Piscifun fishing tackle bag comes with 4 x 3600 or 3700 tackle boxes. Yup, you read that right. Each Piscifun fishing tackle bag comes with four pieces of high-quality tackle boxes. Moreover, you also get adjustable and moveable dividers to create different compartments for easy organization. You can place these bait boxes either vertically or horizontally. One of the most impressive features of this bag is that it allows you to carry a fishing rod with the rod holder design. Another great feature this bag offers is the anti-slip bottom which stops the bag from sliding off. 

  • Comfort 

Even though this bag is on the bulkier side, it is designed to be comfortable for anglers. The bag has three comfortable carrying modes to help you carry the bag in different ways. The shoulder strap has an oversized soft padded part to prevent strain on the shoulder when carrying heavy loads. The bag also comes with a wrapped handle with a special non-slip material to provide a comfortable and firm grip. Moreover, this fishing tackle bag also boasts a breathable and ergonomic waist strap. All in all, these Piscifun bags provide ease and comfort to anglers. 

  • Multifunctional Bag

The Piscifun fishing tackle bag can be used for many different purposes besides fishing. You can carry this bag on hiking, skiing, hunting and camping trips as well. The extendable main strap has a length of 36.2 inches, so you can carry the Piscifun slider tackle bag as sling shoulder bag as well. So, if you want a versatile bag designed to withstand a number of outdoor activities, this Piscifun fishing tackle bag is a great one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few frequently asked questions people have about the Piscifun fishing tackle bag: 

Q1. Is this bag available in more color?

No, currently the Piscifun fishing tackle bag is only available in black color with red stitching and trims. 

Q2. How many sizes is the Piscifun fishing tackle bag available in?

The Piscifun fishing tackle bag is available in 3 different sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large. 

Q3. How many tackle boxes does the large Piscifun fishing tackle bag accommodate? 

The large Piscifun fishing tackle bag can hold up to 8 x 3700 tackle boxes in the main compartment and 4 x 3600 tackle boxes in the two side and two front pockets. The extra-large (XL) Piscifun fishing tackle bag can accommodate 12 x 3700 tackle boxes and 5 x 3600 tackle tray boxes in the front and side pockets. 

Q4. Is the Piscifun fishing tackle bag made in the USA?

No, the Piscifun fishing tackle bag is not made in the US. Piscifun fishing tackle bags are made in China. 

Q5. Who can use this tackle bag?

The Piscifun fishing tackle bag is a great fishing bag for avid anglers who like fishing regularly. The bag is designed to perform well on both saltwater and freshwater. So, whether you are fishing in the lake or the sea, this bag has got you covered. 

Q6. How long is the product warranty for the Piscifun fishing tackle bag?

The Piscifun fishing tackle bag comes with a warranty of 1 year starting from the date of receipt. The warranty covers defects in the product material and workmanship. Regular repair and maintenance are not included in the one-year warranty. 

Summing Up

Want to have a good time on your fishing excursion? Well, you need a good quality tackle bag that will accommodate all your fishing essentials. This bag has to be comfortable, strong, spacious and durable. It should easily load all your tackle trays, pliers, rods, bait bags, etc. A good tackle bag should give you stress free and exertion free time. You should not have to keep making rounds to your vehicle because you forgot something. One bag should have it all. 

If you have been struggling to find such a bag at a reasonable price, the Piscifun fishing tackle bag is your solution. This fishing tackle bag checks all the boxes and helps you maximize your time with your fishing line on the pond. The best thing is that the Piscifun fishing tackle bag is not even exp[ensive. It has amazing features at a market competitive price. In short, this bag is totally worth the investment.

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