Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel Review

Getting a reel that can offer you the best performance during the fishing season is super important. The less you have to worry about your reel’s performance the better, and the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel packs some great features that make it stand out among other mid-market reels.

Spinning reels like the Pflueger Supreme XT are best suited for situations like inshore and freshwater fishing. They are great for things like bass fishing, and they offer the user the option of using lighter lines as well as lures.

If you’re looking to catch small and medium-sized freshwater fish, then this could be the reel you’re looking for. Best of all, this reel, like most spinning reels, are a great option for beginners and newbies to fishing who are looking for an easy-to-use and accessible reel. 

Read on if you are interested in learning more about the Pflueger Supreme XT and the various features that it offers.


  • This reel is built to be ultra light in its weight
  • The braided line is easily attached
  • Very smooth casting as well as retrieval
  • The risk of line twist is greatly reduced with this reel


  • You get a bit less corrosion resistance with this reel when compared to reels with aluminum bodies
  • Heavy lines are not the best to use with this reel
  • This isn’t the best reel for saltwater fishing

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Overview and Summary

This reel is quite special and carries the weighty claim that it is one of the lightest reels in its class. The materials that it consists of are mainly magnesium and double anodized aluminum. The magnesium is intended to cut down on weight as much as possible while the aluminum works to keep the spool itself very durable.

The bearing system that this reel sports is also quite unique. Pflueger claims that it crafted the bearing system to be very robust yet also stay silky smooth. The bearing system isn’t the only unique feature, as the Supreme XT also sports a sealed carbon fiber drive.

This reel is designed to handle braided lines along with sealed drag systems, making retrievals as simple and smooth as they can be. These features all coupled together make this reel quite a catch (pun intended) for fishers who are looking for a reel suited for small to medium freshwater fish like bass or trout.

The anti-twist titanium line roller than this reel sports is designed to minimize tangles and bird’s nests so that you have one less thing to worry about whenever you go for the retrieval. The maximum drag for this reel is 12 pounds and the build is magnesium, as previously mentioned, so surf and saltwater fishing is not really recommended.

Pflueger makes some good mid-range reels, and the Supreme XT is a great showcase of how good their products can be. You can maximize your ability to catch fish in freshwater and inshore conditions and get a very easy to use reel. 


  • Lightweight build
  • 10 bearing system
  • Smooth cast
  • Ready for braided lines
  • Less worry about twisted lines

10 Bearing System

One of the reasons why the Pflueger Supreme XT is such a smooth reel is because it sports 10 bearings. Whether you are casting or retrieving this reel offers you a super-smooth performance. 

In general, the more bearings present should keep the spool of your reel spinning for a much longer time than a reel that features fewer bearings. The Supreme XT doesn’t just come with more bearings than most other reels, though. Every single bearing is crafted to be of the highest quality, so there’s no worry about “quantity over quality” with this reel.

Since the bearings that are featured in this rod are made out of stainless steel, they are very durable and also resistant to corrosion. While it isn’t recommended that you use this rod in saltwater conditions it is still a benefit to have bearings that are corrosion-resistant.

The durability that these bearings provide is great in more ways than one. Since the friction that is applied to your bearings every time they spin when casting or retrieving can wear down the bearings it is important to have bearings that are built to last.

Having more bearings present and having each be made to the highest quality ensures that the amount of heat and friction that the bearings need to resist is reduced, making them last longer overall. You can get more than a few years of use out of your Supreme XT so long as you maintain it and take care of it well.

Lightweight Build

One of the biggest draws to the Supreme XT is the fact that it is a very lightweight reel. Since spinning reels are designed to be good at catching smaller types of fish having a lightweight reel is a great advantage to have.

If your reel is lighter in weight then you will notice that it is much easier to detect the bites of small fish, meaning that your chances of catching smaller fish increase. And of course, if you are using lighter equipment when fishing you won’t suffer as much fatigue or discomfort on long days as you would with heavier equipment. 

A lighter reel also can help the overall balance of your fishing rod, which is another benefit. Keep in mind that a product that needs to give up some of its durability in order to keep a lighter weight is not something that you want to pick up.

Thankfully, the Supreme XT does not sacrifice any durability in order to attain its light weight. Pflueger manufactures this reel with both durability and weight in mind. The magnesium body and rotor of this reel are sturdy and resilient while maintaining, as Pflueger calls it, a feather-light design.

Braided Line Compatibility

While some say that a braided line puts more stress on essential parts of the rod and can serve to reduce the overall lifespan of your reel none can deny that it is a much better line in terms of strength as well as sensitivity when comparing it to a monolithic fishing line. 

This reel is perfect for those who want to use braided lines since the Supreme XT comes fitted with a braid-ready spool. That’s great as it means you can directly attach a braided line right onto the spool without any hassle or extra steps.

Other Unique Features

You may be wondering why this reel sports magnesium parts rather than the more common aluminum. While it is true that aluminum parts tend to be more resistant to corrosion and are great for saltwater fishing, magnesium does just as well in freshwater conditions. 

The drag system of this reel is also crafted out of carbon fiber, making it even lighter. Carbon fiber is also known for its durability, so you can rest assured that the drag system is sturdy and strong. Not only that, but the drag system is sealed and lubricated at all times. That gives you a smoother retrieval and making it tough for water and other bits of dirt to get inside of the system itself.

The handle of the reel is made of carbon as well, which is shown to be quite a bit lighter (21% to be exact) than aluminum handles. An EVA knob is also featured, which is high-density and durable. All of these features come together to make the Supreme XT worthy of its claim as one of the lightest reels in its class. 

Having an agile and lightweight reel makes an already easy-to-use spinning reel all the more useful and accessible to fishers. The features that this reel offers are what makes it so enticing for beginners and inexperienced fishers looking or an easy real to use. 

You also get an anti-twist line roller made out of sturdy titanium, as well as slow oscillation gearing that makes the reel much easier to handle and control. All of these handy features make this a great mid-range reel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Supreme XT be used for saltwater fishing?

It certainly can be used on smaller to medium fish in a saltwater environment, but just be aware that the magnesium components may not hold up too well due to their lower corrosion resistance. 

How much is this product?

It comes in at around $150.

Does it come in ambidextrous variants?

Yes, this reel comes in right-handed and ambidextrous options. 

In Conclusion

Spinning reels are meant to be lightweight and offer the user lots of control with minimal effort. The Pflueger Supreme XT is a great reel that offers users a very simple and easy to use system that performs very well when used in freshwater conditions for small to medium fish.

As one of the best and lightest reels in its class, it’s hard to pass up the Supreme XT. Check it out if you are looking for a versatile reel that can be used with different lines and adapt to a variety of conditions.

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