Newport Vessels Mossy Oak Trolling Motor Review

A high quality trolling motor can make any experience out on the water even better.  It does not matter if you love being in freshwater or saltwater, on a lake or the river.  Wherever you find peace of mind while cruising the water, you will love the effects that a trolling motor offers.

Newport Vessels Mossy Oak Trolling Motor can provide you with a day on the water like you have never had before.  The camouflage unit will help keep you hidden from your prey, so you are able to catch more ducks or geese!  Keep reading to find out all the pros, cons, and if this troller is for you.


  • This trolling motor is made from the highest quality materials.
  • This product is officially licensed by Mossy Oak.
  • This troller is perfect for waterfowl hunters.
  • It has amazing camouflage for goose or duck hunting.
  • The trolling motor comes with a LED dashboard with battery stats.


  • The NV trolling motor comes with mounts that are unreliable.
  • The tilt function was not what was expected.
  • The controller housing at the top is a little loose and causes plastic to rattle.


Newport Vessels manufacture products that are innovative and of the highest quality.  As they are a leader in the marine industry, this company knows how important it is to offer warranties and back everything they sell.  Not only do they sell trolling motors, but they offer sups, boats,and accessories. 

The company feels that customers are truly the focal point of their business.  They want customers to be 100% satisfied with every product, therefore, they have set high quality standards in their factories.  They have implemented a process of continuous improvement on their products to develop world class products.


  • Power: 55 pounds
  • Water Compatibility: Saltwater & Freshwater
  • Battery Cables: 4 feet
  • Horsepower Equivalent:. 83 HP
  • Speeds: 5 Forward  and 3 Reverse
  • Max Amp Draw: 52A
  • Weight :23 pounds
  • Shaft Length: 36 inches
  • Included Propeller: 3 Blade – Large
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.15 inches
  • Tiller/Handle: 6 inches Telescoping, 30 Degree Tilting
  • Battery Meter: 5 Point LED
  • Total Height: 48 inches
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Lower Motor Diameter: 3 ⅜ inches
  • Recommended Amp Hours: 50AH or larger
  • Lower Motor Length: 15.4 inches
  • Circuit Breaker: 50A Included

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Newport Vessels provides a 2 year limited warranty that is non-transferable.  That means that if you purchased the troller from the original purchaser, it will not be covered. 

Customers have said that it is easy to get a hold of a service agent and get the warranty process started.  Overall, customers feel that they have an excellent means of customer support.

Tilt Function

The Newport Vessels Mossy Oak Trolling motor does have a tilt option as the head will move with the handle.  However, one customer said this function was not that great as you are not able to tilt it whenever you desire.  The entire head will need to be moved manually once you have released the mechanism.

Another customer really liked the tilt function. They said it allowed them to steer either sitting down or standing up, which they fully appreciated. 

Battery Indicator

This trolling motor comes with an LED battery indicator that tells the boater how much of a battery is left.  This is a great function so you do not get stranded out in the water with a dead battery.

One customer said they had been boating for 3 full hours and the battery indicator still said 100%.  You should keep an eye on the battery indicator to see if it goes down after being on the water for a bit.  If not, you will want to make sure you charge the battery before every excursion on the water.


This trolling motor is very quiet, which is essential for waterfowl hunters.  It can be used in mud boats, jon boats, sneak boats or other small boats.  This camouflaged trolling motor will quickly and quietly get you to your hunting spot without the noise of an outboard.

One customer did say that the motor was not as quiet as they desired it to be. 


There are 8 speeds on this unit.  Five are forward and three are reverse. Putzing along on the water is smooth and peaceful due to the 3 blade propeller.  The battery status is shown on the LED dashboard.  On this same dashboard, you will see the speed information so you can monitor that as you are on the water.

As far as distance is concerned, a customer said that it was great to use for shorter distances.  They also recommend that if you were going anywhere more than one mile to use a large battery bank.

High Quality Parts

All Newport Vessels trolling motors are manufactured with the highest quality materials for long time usage. They are manufactured with saltwater corrosion resistant materials which includes stainless steel, a sacrificial zinc anode, fiberglass composite shaft and a fiberglass reinforced nylon propeller.  All NV motors are produced to stand up to whatever conditions they are used in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does one  need to connect the circuit breaker?

Yes, you will need to connect the circuit breaker.   The 50 AMP circuit breaker that comes with the motor will assist in protecting  the motor from electrical damage.

Is this motor waterproof?

 The head with the handle is not waterproof. It can be used in light rain, but if there is heavy rain or submerged/sprayed directly with a hose, problems will arise.

In Conclusion

The Newport Vessel Mossy Oak Trolling Motor is a great troller to purchase.  Not only does it come from a trusted brand, this salt or freshwater trolling motor will last for years to come.  With amazing customer support and high quality parts, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of on and off the water.

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