Motorguide X3 Bow Mount Hand Control Review

When looking for a trolling motor, you want one that will be easy to use, have lots of great features, and be durable.  The performance of a troller should be good and the value for the money should coincide with the specs that it has. 

Motorguide X3 Bow Mount Hand Control Troller Motor has many pros with few cons.  Fishermen are pleased to use this brand as it is trusted and affordable.  Fish have a hard time knowing that you are coming as it is on the quiet side.  

If this sounds like a winner to you, keep reading to see what others have to say. 


  • The Motorguide X3 has an improved rigidity, therefore making it  super durable.
  • This unit is easier to stow and deploy.
  • It contains a wider base for added stability.
  • Stainless steel bushings in key wear points make it strong. 
  • Easy motor height adjustment and motor removal for all fishers. 
  • Motorguide uses durable materials for construction. 
  • The steering performance is amazing. 


  • This trolling motor is only for freshwater use. 


Motorguide is a reputable brand that many have trusted for their trolling needs.  They have a mission to deliver freedom to fish further.  They built their trolling motors to have the willful determination of the fisherman with intentional features and reliability that will keep a fisher on the water even longer. 

The company offers value, peace of mind, and performance for a wide variety of fishers, boats, and waters. They have been in business for well over 50 years and understand what fishermen and boaters are looking for. 


  • Twist handle extends for improved control and ergonomic comfort
  • Tough, composite shaft is guaranteed for life
  • Quiet 3-blade Machete propeller delivers both power—and stealth
  • Freshwater use
  • All New Mount
  • New Rugged Composite Shaft
  • Composite Locking Pins
  • Precision Response Steering
  • Contains Variable Ratio Technology
  • Thrust of 45 pounds
  • 12 V
  • 8 Speeds (5 forward and 3 reverse)
  • 50 inch shaft length
  • 2 blade propeller

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Rugged Composite Shaft

Backed by a lifetime warranty from the factor, the composite shaft has a great impact protection.  Not only are they corrosion resistant, but are coupled up with a stainless steel outer shaft.  

Durable materials are always a part of the Motorguide company.  Besides the composite shaft, there are 2 blades that will prevent from being caught on any vegetation.    One purchaser stated “You will notice that the shaft is aluminum and fiberglass. This way when you go through heavy chop it does not shear bolts off like the competitors trolling motors do.”

Hand Controlled Motor

The Motorguide X3 Bow Mount is a hand controlled motor.  While some fancy foot controlled motors, there are several nice things about a hand controlled motor.  One of the biggest things is that you can steer with your knee if you desire.  There will also be more space on the deck.  One purchaser said  this model frees up space on his smaller deck for fishing without having the big foot control.

Hand controllers are great if there is not a lot of room in the boat.  They also work well for those boats that require you to sit low. 

Many fishers will opt to go with a hand controlled motor as with foot controls, they are apt to back pain and may lose their balance. 

Noise Levels

Motorguide went all out when they made this unit so quiet.  The metal to metal interfaces have been reduced and composite locking pins were used.  Fish will not be spooked.


There are 8 speeds with this unit.  Five are forward and three are reverse.  

One customer said that if you use it on the highest setting, you better hang on!  This same person said it sips power from the battery, but power is blasted out to move the boat. 

Variable Ratio Technology

Motorguide X3 Bow Mount Hand Control Trolling motor features a variable ratio technology.  This will assist in:

  • Improving the steering response
  • Reducing the torque steer feedback
  • Dual-cable system  will eliminate the steering slop and noise
  • Precision bearings and locking collar will eliminate the shaft clicking


Motorguide does offer a warranty on this purchase. There is a 2 year warranty on the workmanship of the product from the date of purchase.  It will not cover any damage sustained from abuse from the purchaser.  

Precision Response Steering

The steering performance is one of the best we have seen.  Motorguide  offers a dual cable pull-pull steering system, which  eliminates slack. The innovative patent-pending Variable Ratio Technology reduces torque steer feedback and improves responsiveness. A freshly designed and reinforced foot pedal also offers better feel and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide does the mouth open up?

The measurement on this is 180 degrees. 

How can you hook this mount to power?

This has a 12-VOLT battery connection. According to Motorguide, you will need to do the following. 

1. Starting with the negative (–) lead, disconnect the battery cables from the

engine starting or accessory battery.

2. Next, install the  50‑amp (good) or 60‑amp (best) manual reset circuit breaker in

line with the trolling motor power cable positive (+) lead and the trolling

motor battery positive (+) terminal.

3. Third, you will need to connect the positive (+) trolling motor lead to the positive (+) trolling

motor battery terminal.

4. Then connect the negative (–) trolling motor lead to the negative (–) trolling

motor battery terminal.

5. Connect a common ground bond from the trolling motor battery negative

(–) terminal to the engine starting battery negative (–) terminal.

In Conclusion

Motorguide X3 Bow Mount hand control motors are perfect for fishermen that prefer to have a hand control.  This unit has some extreme power, and was constructed with durable materials.  With a number of pros, and one con, this is a great purchase for anyone that loves to be out  on the water.

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