Kastking Whitemax Baitcasting Reel

The Kastking Whitemax Baitcasting reel is ideal for slower pace fishing, and works well with Texas rig, Carolina rig, jigs and crankbaits. Reels which have higher gear ratios are more difficult to crank, but this particular reel has a lower gear ratio. The first thing you’ll notice when opening the package is the gorgeous presentation. The box includes an instructional pamphlet which shows you the parts diagram.

The parts diagram is essential because it serves as a useful guide for performing repairs and maintenance on the reel. Also included in the package is a color booklet which tells you more about the product and the company that made it, which is a nice touch.


  • Made with aluminum
  • Right hand orientation
  • Has magnetic and centrifugal brake system
  • Can be fine tuned
  • Has removable plate
  • Comes with push pins

The Kastking Whitemax was made for fishermen who demand exceptional performance, an attractive appearance and comfortable handling. It uses a low profile design with grip handles that are soft and synthetic. The grip is solid and will remain so even during extended fishing sessions, and this is because it is mounted in a reinforced handle which is 95.5mm and made from aluminum alloy.

Users can take their finger and push the switch into the center to change the settings, and there is also a dial along the side for its magnetic system. When this dial is turned users can modify the behavior of the reel, and it also includes a CNC made with aluminum spool that is anodized. The grips are EVA grade and the Kastking logo can be seen on them, which is a nice addition.


  • 5.3:1 gear ratio
  • 11+1 corrosion resistant ball bearings which are shielded
  • Casting is super smooth
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Light weight of just 7.7 ounces
  • Has maximum drag of 17.5 pounds


  • Produces metal shavings
  • Gears might wear out quickly from excessive use
  • Some users report a loud buzzing sound

The Kastking Whitemax uses a four plate carbon based drag system. The gears are made from brass and are precision cut, which gives it greater torque during cranking. It is so well designed that it can be used in tournaments. It feels good when held in the hands, even during intense fishing situations.

Micro Click Style Tension Adjustment

The Kastking Whitemax uses a micro click style tension spool knob which tells you precisely where it has been adjusted. The micro increments enable users to calibrate their spool tension to deliver reliable performance when baits need to be changed.

Ceramic Based Line Guide

The line guide in this reel is made with ceramic that is shaped like an oval which provides greater protection when retrieving larger fish which produce heavier load. Its casting performance is smooth and exceptional with great distance.

What Makes the Whitemax Baitcasting Reel Different?

This baitcasting reel is distinct, even among other Kastking products due to its cross fire type magnets. They boost the efficiency of the brake while providing greater control to anglers while casting. This combined with the quadruple carbon based disc results in stopping power that few other baitcasters can beat. Aside from this, anglers all over the world choose this product because of its gear ratio.

Gear Ratio

Those who’ve recently started fishing might be confused about gear ratios and how baitcasters use them, and want to know which is best for them.  The gear ratio is a number containing three digits which demonstrates the number of times the spool must rotate each time the handle is turned by the angler.

For example, a gear ratio of 7.5:1 means your spool will rotate seven and a half times for each handle turn. A higher gear ratio translates into faster retrieval speed for the reel. The Kastking Whitemax is much faster than standard spinning reels, which will usually have gears that range from 5.1:1 up to 6.5:1. Gear ratios come in three categories, which are slow, moderate and fast, which combined cover every fishing situation, application and tactic.


A baitcasting reel is considered “slow” if its gear ratio ranges from 5.5:1 up to 6.6:1. This is the category that the Kastking Whitemax falls under, and in the world of fishing, this is excellent for certain situations. The retrieval ranges from 23” up to 27” which means these types of baitcasters are perfect for heavier lures like swim or crankbait.


Moderate speed gear ratios range from 6.7:1 up to 7.9:1, with a retrieval rate from 28” up to 33”. These baitcasting reels are versatile and can be used with plastic worms, spinner baits, bottom bouncing style rigs and swimbaits.


High speed gear ratios start at 8.1:1 and go as high as 9.3:1. They have a retrieval rate which ranges from 34” up to 39” and are the reels of choice for open water level fishing, flipping, pitching, targeting bass which are near cover and extended casting.

As you can see, before purchasing a baitcasting reel it is important to know what you intend to use it for, and choose one with the appropriate gear ratio. The Kastking Whitemax has a slower operation, which many fishermen prefer because it can be used with higher resistance or heavier lure that require casting over long distances. It is the reel of choice in situations where you expect to encounter a great deal of water resistance, such as when delivering deep dive style crankbaits, large swimbaits or rigs. 

The lower speed style gear ratio that is found in the Kastking Whitemax functions similar to the gears which are found on a bicycle. Lower speeds result in greater torque when turning the handle and this allows fishermen to use larger baits without becoming exhausted.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a fishing reel is the bearings. A lot of fishermen feel that having more ball bearings is better.  This is because it is believed that having a greater number of bearings results in smoother operation. Indeed, many of the fishing reels used in the past were limited to just two or three bearings, but newer models like the Kastking Whitemax have nearly a dozen.

The reality is that baitcasters only require a few essential bearings, but higher end models will always have more. You’ll notice when purchasing baitcasters that the description might say +1 when referencing them. The +1 refers to the anti-reverse bearing which will allow the handle to move forward but not backward. When attempting to move the handle back it will stop which is the why it is referred to as the anti-reverse bearing. The main shaft connects to the frame which is another important bearing because it provides support. It aids the shaft in providing smoother rotation, and without it the main shaft would wiggle a lot, which is undesirable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of rod is best for this reel?

Experts recommend rods that are 150 yards with a thirty pound slick braided power pro line that are mounted on sticks which have been rated for eight to twenty medium and line action. This is a combination which is difficult to beat for any price. Others also recommend six feet of twenty pound fluorocarbon to be used as a tippet. Uni-knots can be applied to secure the tippet to your braided line.

How can I avoid gear squeaking? Is there oil you recommend?

If the gears of the Kastking Whitemax start squeaking, a single drop of lubricant is all you need so long as you can find the precise squeaking location. The gears used in this fishing reel are normally lubricated using grease but its bearings and other movable components will always be lubricated using oil. Any premium brand will work.

Can the Kastking Whitemax Handle a Twenty Pound Line?

Those who intend to load a twenty pound test line should use braiding. Because it holds one hundred and sixty five yards worth of twelve# mono you could probably only load about half that when using twenty# mono. Spider wire makes an excellent braid named invisi-braid which is said to be nearly transparent. Generally speaking the Kastking Whitemax accepts both mono and braid lines.

Can I use this reel for catching king salmon or steelhead?

While the Kastking Whitemax can technically be used to catch king salmon or steelhead, it would be quite challenging, as this reel is under gunned and not really designed for these types of fish. It is best used for catching species like largemouth bass or crappie.


The Kastking Whitemax is one of the best baitcasting reels we’ve tried. It is easy to manage, remains comfortable in your hand even after extended use, and can be used to catch larger fish. Oil is already present on the gears right out of its box, which means that you don’t have to oil it yourself, which is a nice touch because it saves you time, and their customer service is great, as you can speak directly with a product specialist who will address any questions or concerns you have.

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