Kastking Royale Legend Elite Series Baitcasting Reel

The Kastking Royale Elite Series is a baitcasting reel with a slim design. As the name suggests, it is tournament grade and made for the most demanding angling environments. The profile is low and compact with an ergonomic frame that makes it comfortable to handle even after extended use. The Swing-Wing style side cover easily opens and its Ergo-Twist type release ensures that it will always remain connected to the reel.


  • 34.06 inches for every turn
  • 17.65 pound drag
  • 12Ibs/130 yard spool capacity
  • 7.2 ounce weight

Gear Ratios and Bearings

The Kastking Royale Legend Elite Series has four gear ratios, which are 6.6:1, 8.1:1, 7.3:1 and 5.3:1. Each of these gear ratios are color coded which makes it easier to use when angling. It has ten bearings which are double shielded and made from stainless steel along with a primary aluminum gear that has been hardened, instant and anti-reverse.

It is light in weight yet exceptionally durable and features kick levers made from stainless steel and a primary shaft which can be used for fishing in saltwater as well as freshwater. Also included are worm drives and pinion gears made from brass which provide extra performance and strength. With a carbon drag of 17.6 pounds, this reel is capable of capturing and hauling in the biggest and toughest fish.


  • Compatible with left or right handed users
  • Can be used for fresh or salt water fishing
  • Twelve bearings (11+1 mechanism)
  • Color coded


  • Some feel it’s too loud
  • Adjustment knob for casting doesn’t click

Smooth Operation and Ratios

The action in this reel is outstanding. Every component works smoothly and will enable anglers to fish in any manner they choose. One reason for this is the brakes. They’ve been upgraded from previous Kastking products and work well. 

This reel has four distinct options for its gear ratio. This gives the angler extra power with more choices than before. For example, many people like using a ratio which is higher, but this might not be adequate for every scenario. Rather than having to use an entirely different reel, all you have to do is switch the ratio to a different setting.

Each ratio has a different color with red displaying the maximum setting of 8.1. Another thing that many anglers like is the brake knob. It has been redesigned from previous Kastking models and is very impressive. Its knob uses a lower profile that is simple to adjust while angling. The braking system uses magnets and an array of options which allows you to dial in the exact settings you want.

Handling and Comfort

This reel is far more compact than previous models. The majority of anglers prefer lower profile reels and the Kastking Royale Legend Series fits the bill perfectly. Its handles are made with rubber that will remain comfortable on your palm and fingers even after extended use.

The engineers at Kastking also added side panels which many fishermen love, but the system they use for getting inside the spool housing and out is a little tricky. Because the reel’s panel uses spring loading, it will exert pressure in the locking system continuously. This leads to situations where anglers think their lock is seizing up, but they just need to hold the reel in a manner where the pressure is relieved.

Which Bait is best for the Kastking Royale Legend Elite Series?

The different types of fish that you can capture using this reel are comparable to the variety of bait available. Lures come in numerous shapes, sizes, styles and weight, which can make it daunting to decide which is best for your baitcasting reel, especially if you’re an amateur.

However, a general rule of thumb is to match the bait to the locale where you intend on fishing and the species you intend to capture. The preferred bait is that which is productive, versatile and compatible with multiple angling conditions.

Experts recommend mixing live bait like minnow or nightcrawler with artificial jig while searching for bluegill. However, anglers who intend on catching bass will want to use mostly artificial bait like topwater, lipless, crankbait and spinnerbait. Catfish will respond well to bait such as worms, shrimp and crawdads.


Think about the locale and depth of the water body you intend to fish in. The most effective bait will be that which mimics food the fish normally eat.  For example, casting small poppers and dry flies is a great way to capture both bluegill and bass, as the bait will appear as an insect which has landed on the water’s surface.


Another thing to consider is the size of your bait. For instance, it is unlikely that you’ll capture bluegill while using muskie lure. Ray Harper, who writes for the “Game and Fish” publication, recommends using smaller bait while angling. The problem with large bait is that it might actually intimidate the fish, even bigger ones.


Both the water and weather conditions are extremely important, because it determines the type of bait you should use. However, weather patterns are subject to change, even during the same day, so the bait that works in the morning might not work during the afternoon or evening. You must also consider the fish feeding pattern, which will also vary during the day.

You’ll need to bring multiple types of bait and be prepared to adjust the color, size and type to account for the changing conditions. Expert anglers recommend using light or white colored bait on sunny days in water that is clear, while bright or dark colored bait is better for muddy or murky water.


You’ll also need to change your bait based on the season. For instance, bass respond well to crankbait, jig and pig or jigging spoons during winter, while spring is a great time to go angling because the fish will gather in schools near spawning beds where they will be quite aggressive. One of the best ways to catch them is with jig or nightcrawler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the braid line capacity?

The line capacity is one hundred and fifty yards or twelve pounds.

How does the Kastking Royale Legend differ from the Kastking Megajaws?

The Kastking Megajaws comes with a centrifugal brake, while the Kastking Royale Legend uses a magnetic brake system, and many feel its retrieval is a bit smoother. 

Can this reel handle a thirty pound braid?

Yes, some angler’s report being able to use thirty pound braids.

I like the 7.3:1 gear ratio, but is this good for saltwater?

Yes, this is possible, but you’ll need to pair its gear ratio with the right lure. Traditionally, the majority of saltwater reels utilize lower gear ratios, but the lure you’re using might require faster retrieval.

What is the maximum amount of line this reel can hold?

The Kastking Royale Legend Elite can hold about one hundred and eighty yards worth of thirty pound braid, but the line diameter will affect it. Professional anglers recommend fifty pounds for those using braided, as it can hold plenty, and many feel fifty pounds works better.

Can the white colored version be used for swimbait?

It really comes down to personal preference. The gear ratio used by the white colored Kastking Royale Legend is the slowest but works well with swimbait. Some anglers actually prefer using the black colored reel with the 7.3:1 ratio for swimbait since it results in greater lure action.

What line weight and capacity is best?

If you check the original box this reel came in the optimal spool capacity and line weight should be displayed on it.

Does the Kastking Royale Legend come with a warranty?

Yes, those who purchase this reel brand new will gain access to a twelve month warranty.

I notice that this reel feels weak when bringing the line in, why?

There are a number of things which can cause this. The bearings might have become rusted or dry, or the reel could have accumulated dust. Most likely your reel wasn’t properly dried after fishing or you left a salt filled lure in the hook keeper. You’ll want to remove its spool and side cover, place some Reel Magic oil on the bearings (a single drop will do) and then reinstall. Do the same with the bearings.


The Kastking Royale Legend Elite is an outstanding and affordable baitcasting reel that has lots of advantages with few drawbacks. It is made by one of the most trusted names in the angling world and fishermen have found great success using it to catch are variety of species, including bass. It is designed to handle multiple bait types seamlessly, and offers on the fly adjustment. 

Its magnetic brakes are simple to tune using its external dial, and the reel’s drag can be readily adjusted using its star wheel which can be found behind its handle. It has a lower profile that will fit nicely in your hand and if Kastking included a click or feedback within the knob for spool tension it would be perfect.

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