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Finding an affordable yet innovative fishing tackle bag is nothing short of a challenge nowadays. With so many options available today, it has become very hard for anglers to find the right tackle bag. You go to amazon and there are over a thousand different product recommendations. Well, don’t worry, we have done the job for you to save you hours of searching and scrolling. Today, we will introduce you to the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag. This bag has many impressive fishers that you will be very excited to know about. 

Here is a detailed product description of the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag. Continue reading to find out about this product. 


  • This tackle bag has 4.7/5 rating on Amazon 
  • KastKing Fishing bag is available in different colors
  • It is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater 
  • It is available in different sizes (small to X large)
  • This bag offers a lot of storage 
  • It is comfortable 
  • It is strong and long lasting 
  • This bag has a tough and waterproof body 
  • Includes special smooth zippers 


  • The large sized variant is expensive compared to others
  • Does not include bait boxes 


KastKing is an award-winning fishing products company. The brand was created by a group of passionate Syracuse University graduates in 2011. KastKing was established to provide innovative and ingenious fishing gear at an affordable price. In such a short period of time, KastKing has become a renowned name when it comes to fishing and tackle equipment. You can find reels, rods, lines, tackles, bags and many other products by KastKing. They also have products for other outdoor activities like hiking, skiing and camping. In 2019, KastKing received the 2019 Fish Alaska Magazine Editor’s Choice Award. 


  • The bag holds 6 x 3600 size tackle boxes
  • It comes with easy adjustable dividers
  • Quick access zipper loops 
  • 100% waterproof compression molded bottom
  • Mesh pockets and plier holder 
  • Neo-grip shoulder pad with adjustable strap
  • SBR handle wrap
  • The bag weighs ‎1.22 Kilograms
  • Dimensions of the bag are 15.67 x 10.16 x 4.92 inches
  • Available in various sizes 
  • 12 internal and external storage pockets 

Product Features

Let’s take a close look at the best-selling features of the KastKing fishing tackle bag: 

  • Storage 

The main purpose of a fishing tackle bag is to provide ample storage space so you can easily put all your fishing essentials in a single bag. This bag is designed with avid anglers in mind as it gives you a lot of room to store multiple tackle boxes. KastKing fishing tackle bags can accommodate 6 x 3600 or 3700 size table boxes vertically or horizontally. So, you can easily load up this fishing tackle bag without any hassle. The internal pockets will hold your valuables like wallet and cellphone. Plus, the 7 external zippered and slip pockets give extra space for terminals, trays, tools and tackle. Additionally, the external rubber coated mesh pockets securely hold pliers, leader line, rain gear and other things to access quickly. In short, this bag offers an impressive capacity and space to store terminal tackle, fishing tools and fishing lures. 

  • Functionality 

This bag will be your go to fishing bag thanks to its functionality. This KastKing fishing bag has many features to bring efficiency, convenience and organization to your fishing trips. The adjustable dividers make it easy to create different sections for your fishing gear within the main compartment. It also has a molded tool holder to ensure easy access to fishing tools like pliers. So, you don’t have to fumble through the bag with fish on the line. 

  • Tough And Water Resistant

KastKing fishing tackle bags are made with tough material including 420D rip-stop nylon and PVC. These materials provide exceptional durability, reliability and long term usage. The hydrophobic coating prevents moisture from seeping into the bag and keeps the outside layer dry. Moreover, the internal PVC lawyer provides additional water resistance to ensure protection of your fishing tackle. Thus, all the contents of this fishing tackle bag will be safe from water damage, abrasion and abuse. Moreover, the bag’s compression molded waterproof is designed to repel stagnant water and any tacky slimy material gripping the surface. This also prevents the bag from sliding off. In short, this bag will withstand all harsh conditions and last a long time.

  • Versatile Bag

KastKing fishing tackle bag is a versatile outdoors storage solution. You can use this tackle bag as a fishing bag, hiking bag, camping bag, skiing bag, hunting bag, box bag and a travel bag. It also works as a cool everyday shoulder sling bag. So, there is no limitation on how you want to use this bag. 

  • Innovative Design 

The KastKing fishing tackle bag is an innovative fishing tackle bag designed to be efficient and durable. It has double loop zipper pulls for a quick and easy one finger operation. Moreover, all the zippers are self-healing zippers. So, you do not have to worry about pulling the zipper too hard and accidentally splitting it. Gone are the days when your fishing bag would become useless just because you ripped the zip. If the zip gets flimsy, it will repair itself! Moreover, this bag also comes with a waterproof non-slip compression molded bottom which adds friction and keeps the bag from sliding off. Even the Neo-grip shoulder strap will stop the bag from slipping off your shoulder. Apart from being waterproof, the bag is also resistant to rust, dust and abrasion. 

  • Comfortable Bag

One of the important factors of a fishing tackle bag is that it has to be comfortable. After all, you have to carry it and move around. You don’t want to end up straining your pack or shoulder after a fun day of fishing. This is why the KastKing fishing tackle bag is designed keeping the angler’s comfort in mind. The shoulder strap has a soft padding with neo-grip technology so you can easily carry heavy loaded fishing bags without discomfort. So, you can fill up your fishing bag with tackle trays, baits, fishing lures, jigs, crank baits, hooks, terminal tackle, rigs, and more. And, still be able to carry it comfortably. 

  • Design 

The bag has a contemporary colorful design. The black against sharp colors like orange, blue and bright green make the design pop out more. Plus, the black trim creates a fine finishing detail to enhance the look. So, if you want a good-looking fishing tackle bag to make a statement on your next fishing trip, this KastKing fishing tackle bag is a great option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the KastKing fishing tackle bag: 

Q1. Does the KastKing fishing tackle bag have extra pockets? 

Apart from the main compartment, the bag has multiple size, front, back and internal pockets for extra storage. The bag has rubber coated mesh pockets where you can place tools, water bottle, maps, rain gear, and other items. There are also multiple external slip and zippered pockets that allow you to store leader line, fishing line spools, soft baits, terminal tackle and much more.

Q2. How many colors is the bag available in?

The KastKing fishing tackle bag is available in different color combinations, including orange and black, green and black, blue and black and gray and black. The bag is also available in different sizes and storage capacity ranging from small to extra-large. The medium bags are called hoss, large is lunker and extra-large is hawg. 

Q3. Does the bag come with tackle boxes? 

The KastKing fishing tackle can accommodate 6 x 3600 or 3700 tackle boxes. However, it does not include any tackle bait boxes. You can purchase tackle boxes separately or use the 3600 or 3700 size boxes you already have. 

Q4. The bag is manufactured by which brand?

The KastKing tackle bags are manufactured by Eposiedon, a reputable manufacturer of fishing gear for pro anglers. 

Q5. Is the bag suitable for saltwater? 

This KastKing fishing tackle bag can be used on all kinds of fishing water. It will perform on both saltwater and fish water without any issues. So, whether you like to go fishing out in the sea or in a scenic lake, this bag is the best thing to store your fishing tackle gear. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a fishing tackle bag that will enhance your fishing experience and make it more enjoyable, no need to look beyond the KastKing fishing tackle bag. This bag includes many innovative and technical features, keeping sustainable fishing practices in mind. It offers storage for 6 x 3600 tackle boxes with a 100% waterproof interior and exterior. So, this bag will keep your fishing gear completely dry even in standing water. The smart compressed bottom will grip any surface and keep your bag from sliding off inside the boat. So, for all the avid anglers out there, this KastKing fishing tackle bag is the one!

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