KastKing Crixus Baitcasting Reel

The Kastking Crixus is a baitcasting reel which stands out due to its tremendous strength, array of features and durability. It is designed for high level anglers who want to catch the most challenging fish and need a reel with a low profile, light weight, premium components and reinforced frame. The Kastking Crixus delivers all this and a whole lot more.


  • Infused nylon material
  • Right handed orientation
  • Stainless steel handle
  • 7.7 ounces
  • Pinion gears

Carbon Disc Level Drag with Smooth Performance

Fishermen all over the world praise the Kastking Crixus for its smooth handling. This is partly due to the reels, which incorporate a 4 carbon disc based drag system. This boosts the power of the reel, enabling it to haul fish weighing over eighteen pounds. The drag is also adjustable, which means that fishermen can utilize fishing lines which are lighter in conjunction with the drag knob.

Another feature which smoothens the handling of this baitcaster further are the 7 ball bearings which are shielded and made with stainless steel. It also has an anti-reverse based bearing which is instant, that works with a braking system that is magnetic. The 8 magnets will allow fishermen to focus on capturing fish and offers multiple spool brake levels to prevent overruns.


  • Made with stainless steel and aluminum
  • Uses eight magnets 
  • Can capture fish weighing over 18 pounds
  • Ball bearings are shielded


  • The spool size is small
  • Some consider the retrieval weak

Tournament Grade Components

Baitcasting reels are only as good as the components which are used to build them. The Kastking Crixus is exceptional in this regard, as it contains both main and pinion gears which are constructed with high quality brass. The gears enhance the speed and resilience of the reel while reducing its noise. Additionally, it has a gear ratio of 7.2:1, which results in rapid retrieval, and this product also includes a U shaped spool and aluminum which is CNC machined, which provides greater line capacity with more extensive casts.

Forced Guidance

The Kastking Crixus incorporates a dynamic line guide design which aids fishermen in seamlessly unleashing their fishing line from the aluminum spool which is U-shaped that works with the eight magnetic brake system. This means that overruns and backlashes are practically eliminated.

Classical Star Drag

This baitcaster utilizes a fingertip based  star drag for adjustment, which works with its quadruple carbon disc style drag system which is inherently smooth while placing users in complete control of more than 18 pounds worth of fish resisting drag.

Gorgeous Appearance

Veteran and professional fishermen want a baitcaster that looks the part, and the Kastking Crixus does. It is coated with a fabulous Sea Spry and Glacier White color that has Super Polymer style grips that are slip resistant and ornate in detail, which will make you stand out from the crowd when competing in tournaments.

Precise Spool Tension Adjustment

This baitcaster includes a nifty spool tension based knob which allows you to dial in a precise spool tension that is required for consistent results, even when changing bait or conditions. This will allow anglers to operate with complete confidence. 

How to Fish for Grass Carp Using the Kastking Crixus

Grass carp are also called white amur and they are minnows which are native to Asia. However, today they can be found in other parts of the world as an invasive species. These fish can reach a length of four feet with a weight of almost one hundred pounds. As you can imagine, tackling a fish of this size requires special tactics and techniques.

One benefit of grass carp, aside from their usage as food, is their ability to control excessive vegetation in rivers, ponds and lakes. They have torpedo shaped bodies and anglers love hunting them, but due to their size they can put up a tremendous struggle when hooked. The first step in capturing one of these specimens is to select the proper location.


Grass carp will often be stocked in private lakes and ponds to keep vegetation under control. Therefore, you will want to talk with farmers or property owners who use the fish for this purpose, as they might give you permission to assist in managing their populations so they don’t get out of control.

Purchase the Correct Tackle

These powerful fish require a robust tackle. The best is a big 1/0 to 2/0 size hook with a twenty pound test line. Of course, you’ll also want your Kastking Crixus baitcasting reel and rod.

Use Stealth

In addition to their size and strength, another factor which makes grass carp difficult to catch is their reclusive nature. They prefer feeding uninterrupted, which means that you’ll easily spook them if you’re moving a lot along the shore or roaring around in a boat, so keep your noise and activity level as low as possible. You have to be as stealthy as a ninja, because if they detect you they will immediately move into deeper water.

Bait the Location

Once you’ve found the location that you want to fish in, you’ll need to bait it. One of the best types of bait is canned corn. Scatter several cans worth of corn in the water about twenty feet away from the shore or boat. Soaked seed style corn is a great alternative. You’ll want to bait your selected location about three days before fishing in it.

Additional Bait Selection

Aside from canned or soaked corn, there are other types of bait that will attract grass carp. Unlike other fish, which are carnivorous, grass carp are herbivores, and prefer consuming vegetation. Therefore, some of the best types of bait include watermelon, lima beans, cherry tomatoes, green beans and grass which are freshly cut.

Angling Technique

Capturing grass carp requires a specific approach. You’ll need to enter the area quietly, and then cast the bait line inside the water. Use a rig which is light in weight to hold your bait down; the lighter the better, as the grass carp will quickly drop bait which offers resistance.

Allow the line to stay slightly slack, and when you notice it tightening, begin reeling in your slack gradually, and then set your hook. It must be emphasized that grass carp will fight ferociously, making extended runs, and if your drag is somewhat loose, this will actually prevent the line from snapping due to the strain that these large fish will place on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color rod is available for this reel? Can I get a blue one?

At the moment, Kastking doesn’t offer a blue colored rod, and the one you see in photos is a prototype. For the time being only black and white rods are offered.

How does the Kastking Crixus compare to the Kastking Royale Legend Elite?

The Crixus utilizes a nylon frame which is infused, whereas the Legend Elite uses a frame made from graphite. This makes the Legend Elite lighter, and another difference is the ball bearings. While the Crixus has 7+1, the Legend Elite uses 11+1. The spool used in the Legend Elite is also larger and can hold more line.

Will this reel work in saltwater, or only freshwater?

The Kastking Crixus is designed for fresh and saltwater use, due to its ball bearings which are shielded.

Is this reel compatible with jigs and trailers?

Anglers who’ve tested the Kastking Crixus with trailers and jigs were pleased with its performance due to the gear ratio. They successfully ran swimbaits with chatterbaits.

How much twenty pound braided yard can this reel hold?

This baitcasting reel can hold approximately one hundred and sixty four yards worth of twenty pound braid.

I’m experiencing frequent problems with backlash, despite using the same brake settings as other baitcasters, what is going on?

Backlash results from the spool tension and brake setting. This means that you’re probably experiencing backlash because the spool spins faster than your running line. If you’re thumbing the whole way when casting, try setting the brakes lower and then loosen the tension knob.

Which rod works best when fishing in lakes or ponds?

Many anglers enjoy using the Kastking Crixus with crankbait, so it functions well with moderate to medium heavy rods that utilize fast action, with sizes that range from 6’6 up to 7’0. Combine this with a twelve to fifteen pound fluorocarbon based line and the setup should be perfect.


This is arguably the best baitcasting reel for under $50. The handle feels smooth and it looks amazing. However, the adjustments need to be carefully made and your cast must be smooth otherwise you could experience backlash. It doesn’t forgive in the same manner as Daiwa or Shimano reels but for the price it is hard to beat. The frame has minimal flex and the bearings are both accurate and silent. One issue that some anglers have is that the black paint is placed on top of the white plastic which over time might scratch and degrade the appearance, but other than this the Kastking Crixus is a fantastic product.

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