Goplus Electric Trolling Motor Review

A good trolling motor can make a good fishing trip an amazing one.  But if you purchase the wrong one, it can make a decent fishing adventure pure hell.   

And if you do not have the right kind of trolling motor for your boat, you might as well not even have one!  

Want to know if the GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor is any good?  Keep reading to find out if this motor will be good for your vessel. 


  • The trolling motor is extremely sturdy and very durable.
  • It produces easy handling.
  • It has adjustable speed controls.
  • Smooth movement can be felt. 
  • It has a good battery life with indicators.
  • It contains a durable motor shaft.
  • Multiple thrust(size) options are available. 
  • Is great for saltwater or freshwater. 
  • This trolling motor works well with all boats. 
  • This is very reasonably priced. 


  • No remote options are offered. 
  • No GPS electronics on the trolling motor. 
  • The customer support from the company is less than desired. 


GoPlus is a trusted brand when it comes to trolling motors. Even though they are not a huge company, they do have several products for marinas that are made very well.  The company believes in making strong products that will last over time.   Customers have been quite pleased with how tough this trolling motor is.  They rave over a brand that can make such a reliable unit with various features at a cost that is much less than their competition.  


  • 24 V
  • 86 pounds thrust
  • 6 inch adjustable handle 
  • Speeds: 5 forward/3 reverse
  • Maximum Thrust: 86lbs
  • Weight: 19.4/22  pounds
  • Volts: 12/24 V
  • Propeller: 2 blade propeller
  • operation manual
  • Aluminum head on motor 
  • LED battery indicator

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Long Lasting

The GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor is heavy duty.  As the construction of this motor is up to par, the unit will last a long time.  This device is perfect for the professional fisherman or for someone who has a heavy boat.  Customers were satisfied that for the pricetag paid that it lasted longer than imagined. 

The motor shaft is super durable.  It can take minor impacts without becoming damaged.  And the bracket is reinforced with a nylon material that tightens to the stern of the boat.  

Power, Speed, and Efficiency

When it comes to power, speed, and efficiency, the GoPlus has it all.  The get up and go power is what many fishers crave.  With the ability to get through any current and winds, this trolling motor can make any fishing trip a memorable one. 

And we can not forget about how well this unit does with the weeds.  Difficult vegetation is no problem with this 3 blade propeller.  

Customers also liked how there are 8 speeds with this trolling unit.  Five front speeds and three backwards speeds provide a nice assortment on how fast a boat can go.  

Adjustable Motor/Prop Depth

The adjustable motor and prop depth make it very simple to ensure a fisher has proper working depth.  This also allows customers to avoid vegetation and other obstacles they may see. 


A 10 point LED battery indicator is included on the trolling motor to assist you in keeping a watchful eye on the power consumption.  This  eliminates you from straying too far away from the shore should the battery appear to look like it’s on the way out.  

Speaking of batteries, this trolling motor requires 24 volts in order to work.  


This trolling motor is not complicated like some others are.  It is perfect for those that are not into electronics.  Or for those that just want to fish without the hassle of having to worry about making sure a device is working properly.  Best of all, this unit will not take hours to set up.  

And you will not need to worry about getting stuck.  Customers are thrilled with how smooth the drive is.  They feel that the powerful engine will avoid moving the wrong directions or even getting stuck.  

If you are not good with directions, you may need to access directions on your phone through an app.  There is not a sonar system or a build in GPS.


Goplus electric trolling motors are recommended for the boats of different size ranges:

– 46 pounds trolling motor for all boats up to 2890 pounds (1300 kg),

– 55 pounds trolling motor for all boats up to 3640 pounds (1650 kg),

– 86 pounds trolling motor for all boats up to 4520 pounds (2050 kg).

However, you should know this is just a recommendation.  In real life this will  also depend on the winds, boat’s height and surface, currents and other conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use this trolling motor with an inflatable?  What about a kayak?

Yes, the GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor works with inflatables.  It will also work with all other kinds of fishing boats.   It will also work with a kayak and canoe if you purchase the smaller size thrust. 

Is this trolling motor easy to use?

Yes.  Many customers have raved over how easy this troller was to use. 

How easy is it to steer the boat?

Steering the motor is completed by moving the handle into the left or right.  The set screw can then be tightened on the motor shaft to hold the motor in one direction. By rotating the handle clockwise, one will  be able to access the five forward speeds and counter-clockwise for the three reverse speeds.

In Conclusion

We truly feel that the GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor is a great way to go if you are a pro or just have a heavy boat.  While it can be used for freshwater and saltwater, it is most likely in your best interest to just leave it in the freshwater to avoid corrosion.

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