Gonex Magreel Fishing Tackle Bag Review

A fishing tackle bag is a backpack to store and carry your fishing equipment. It carries bait bags, tackle trays, rods, your valuables and much more. But today a fishing bag is more than just a storage solution. Your fishing tackle bag needs to be practical, functional and comfortable. You can find many innovative and high-quality fishing tackle bags but it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Don’t worry, we have done the legwork for you. We will talk about the Gonex Magreel fishing tackle bag. This tackle bag has a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon and thousands of positive reviews. Let’s see if this bag is worth the hype.  

‌Continue reading this article to find out whether or not the Gonex fishing tackle bag is the one you should get. 


  • Has two variants 
  • This bag can accommodate 4 tackle trays 
  • Water resistant 
  • It has strong, sturdy heavy-duty hardware 
  • It has plier holder and other pockets 
  • High quality zippers and handles 
  • This bag is economical 
  • This bag is spacious yet compact 
  • It has a trendy and cool design 
  • It is a lightweight tackle bag 


  • Does not include tackle trays 
  • Not available in more colors 
  • Comes in two sizes only 


Gonex is a known brand but their fishing tackle bags have become quite popular over the last few years. The brand was established in 2015 and in such a short span of time, Gonex has received hundreds of positive reviews from its customers. They have a wide range of fishing tackle tools and products including tackle bags, reels, rods, lures, apparel and more. It has become one of the top sellers in the fishing niche on Amazon and other online marketplaces. If you are looking for affordable yet good quality fishing tackle bags and other products, then you should definitely check out Magreel products by Gonex. 


  • This tackle bag is made of PVC and Polyester 
  • It is ergonomically designed and engineered 
  • The bag is available in two sizes 
  • You can fit 4 x 3600 and 3700 tackle trays in the main pocket
  • Dimensions of the bags are 11.8*7.9*8.3 Inches and 14.57*9.06*9.84 Inches
  • The manufacturer of the bag is Magreel 
  • The bag has external zipper and mesh pockets
  • The bag has a compression molded bottom 

Product Features

Here are some of the most attractive features of this Magreel fishing tackle bag: 

  • Large Size 

Even though the bag is lightweight and compact, it is big enough to accommodate all your tackle essentials. The spacious main co apartment can hold 4 x 3600 0r 3700 tackle trays (depending upon the size of the bag). However, the Magreel fishing tackle bag by Gonex does not come with tackle boxes. The bag also has 6 external pockets where you can store your fishing tools and supplies like tongs, pliers, bait, fishing wheel, etc. The internal PVC pocket is perfect to put your wallet, keys, cell phone and other valuables. This pocket is 100% waterproof so put all your electronic devices here for maximum safety. Moreover, you also get mesh pockets to hold additional gear. 

  • Strong and Durable 

The Magreel fishing tackle bag by Gonex is made up of 420D polyester material and PVC coating. This makes the bag high-strength, anti-tear and waterproof. The bag will stay intact for years to come. So, you can carry it on saltwater and freshwater fishing without a single worry. It will be your companion on countless fishing trips. The bag also has strong stitching to prevent it from tearing off and ripping. 

  • Waterproof and No Slip 

The bottom of the Magreel fishing tackle bag by Gonex comprises HDPE, a non-slip and wear resistant material. It also has an internal waterproof layer. So, even when placed on a wet boat or deck, the bottom of the bag will be as good as new. The PVC coating on the rest of the bag also prevents the bag from getting wet even when in standing water. So, all your fishing gear will remain dry and safe from rusting. 

  • Ergonomic Design

A good quality fishing tackle bag should be engineered using ergonomic principles. The wide shoulder strap of the Magreel fishing tackle bag by Gonex has a soft pad so you can carry it more comfortably. Moreover, users can also adjust the length of the strap. The bag can be carried in numerous ways and styles like crossbody, shoulder bag, satchel, etc. All in all, with this bag you would not have to worry about shoulder pain or straining your back.  

  • Versatile 

This fishing tackle bag is very versatile as you can use it for different outdoor activities. If you are into outdoor activities and adventures, this one bag will serve you on all your trips. Besides fishing, you can use this bag for hunting, hiking, skiing, camping, traveling and outdoor picnic. So, take this tackle bag to be your ultimate companion in your leisure time. Enjoy the great outdoors on the water or in the mountains, with this bag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers have a few common questions about this Magreel fishing tackle bag by Gonex. We have answered a few of these questions here: 

Q1. What size tray series of tackle trays can this fishing tackle bag carry?

This fishing tackle bag can accommodate 4 x 3700 transparent tackle boxes in the main pocket of the large sized bag. You can also add a3600 tackle tray in the external pocket. Whereas, the smaller size can hold 4 x 3600 tackle trays in the main compartment. The transparent tackle trays are not included with the bag and will have to be purchased separately.  

Q2. What material is this bag made of?

This fishing tackle bag is made of gray colored 420D polyester plaid cloth with a PVC coating on the back of the cloth to make it waterproof. 

Q3. How many pockets does this fishing tackle bag have? 

This fishing tackle bag has one main pocket to hold 4 x 3700 or 3600 tackle boxes. The smaller bag also comes with 1 mesh pocket (11.8 x 7.9 x 8.3 Inches) on the front side. On the other hand, the bigger sized bag has 2 mesh pockets (14.57 x 9.06 x 9.84 Inches) on the front side.

Q4. Where is this bag made? Is this fishing tackle bag made in the USA?

No, this fishing tackle bag is not made in the USA. Even though there are no tags and labels on the bag to tell us where exactly the bag is manufactured. However, the manufacturer of this fishing tackle bag is Magreel and the bag is made in China based on information from Amazon.

Q5. What colors is this bag available in?

This fishing tackle bag boasts a unique gray and neon yellow color combination. The design is very contemporary and trendy. However, this fishing tackle bag is only available in this color combination and no other options are available. 

Q6. Does this bag have a warranty? If so, then how long is the warranty period? 

As this bag is from Gonex brand, we can assume that it has a warranty of one year. Most Gonex products come with a one-year warranty. The warranty period starts from the date of receipt. It only covers manufacturers’ defects like faults in stitching or material. Normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. 


Experience the fun of fishing with your friend and family with the Magreel fishing tackle bag by Gonex. This fishing tackle bag is not very big but has enough space to carry your fishing essentials. It is a great option for a short fishing trip. For pro anglers who like to fish on big waters, a larger bag would be much suitable. One of the best features of this bag is its size. It is not heavy to carry even when you fully load up this bag. This fishing tackle bag is waterproof, abrasion resistant and affordable. 

In short, the Magreel fishing tackle bag by Gonex is a decent fishing bag for casual fishing excursions on the lake or in the backyard pond. It will last you years on fishing trips and other outdoor activities like hiking, skiing and camping! 

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