Gonex Fishing Tackle Bag Waterproof Review

A fishing bag is more than just carrying your supplies. It is your companion on freshwater. With so many makes and models available, it can be hard to find the right tackle bag that suits your needs. That said, there is one tackle bag that can easily work for any fishing enthusiast. Gonex Fishing Tackle Bag is considered one of the best fishing bags overall. Besides being spacious, waterproof, and sturdy, this bag has many amazing features to offer. 

Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Gonex fishing tackle bag for outdoor saltwater and freshwater fishing. Here is a detailed review of the Gonex Fishing Tackle Bag to help you decide whether or not it is the one for you. 

So, continue reading to find out more. 


  • Gonex fishing tackle bag is waterproof
  • This bag has a capacity of 20 liters
  • The bag is made of sturdy and long-lasting material  
  • The bag has a functional design 
  • This bag is easy to carry 
  • Works as a comfortable handbag 
  • It has a long strap to easily carry 
  • It has sheaths for fishing fliers
  • It is an affordable fishing bag 
  • 4.7/5 rating on Amazon 


  • This bag is not available in more colors 
  • The bag has flimsy zippers


“Gonex” is an acronym for “Go, Next Stop.” Gonex is a proud American brand that emerged in 2013. They manufacture and sell high-quality travel and sports products. Gonex strives to deliver high-quality products for outdoor adventures to make traveling and exploring hassle-free for its customers. Looking at thousands of reviews and feedback, we can easily say that their customers are pleased with the products and the after-sale services. Therefore, in less than a decade, Gonex has become a reputable international brand. So, Gonex does not disappoint those looking for outdoor gear for hiking, camping, climbing, or fishing.


  • 4 rubber-coated mesh pockets
  • 2 sheaths for fishing pliers
  • 2 side pockets for tools & accessories
  • 1 main pocket for 4*3700 tackle boxes
  • 1 front pocket for 1*3600 tackle box
  • 1 PVC waterproof pocket inside for keys & cellphone
  • 1 compression molded bottom for anti-slip & waterproof
  • Non-slip material (Three-layer Oxford cloth + EVA + knitted fabric)

Product Features 

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features this product has to offer:

  • Water Proof 

What’s the no.1 feature any fishing bag must have? It should be waterproof. A waterproof bag ensures that your equipment, food, cell phone, wallet, keys, and other important stuff is safe from water damage. The Gonex fishing tackle bag is made up of a special material made up of a combination of 3 different types of fabrics: oxford cloth, knitted fabric, and EVA. This special 3-layer material protects the bag from water and abrasion. 

  • Long Lasting 

Gonex is known for its high-quality products, and this fishing tackle bag is no different. The bag is made of long-lasting and sturdy material, which will serve you for years to come. So, you can use it roughly, toss it in the trunk and carry it to your fishing trips without worrying about damaging it. Gonex also offers a guarantee and after-sales services for repair and maintenance. So, if you are looking for a fishing bag that has a strong build, this is the one.

  • Functional 

The multi-pockets feature makes the bag super functional and convenient to use. It has special compartments to store fishing gear, along with an internal waterproof PVC pocket to store your wallet, phone, and keys. You won’t have to struggle to find things as everything will have its own place. 

  • Spacious 

The Gonex fishing tackle bag is super spacious. It is designed to carry 4 x 3700 bait boxes. There is also a front pocket for a 3600-tackle box. Do you know what’s more? You also get 4 front mesh pockets to carry extra stuff. All in all, this bag offers great space for all your fishing gear and other essentials of a fishing trip.

  • Large Size 

A large-sized fishing tackle bag is ideal for those who like to fish in larger boats. However, for many people carrying a large bag is a lot of hassle. Like many, if you don’t desire large bags either, this fishing back will change your mind. This bag is large but not bulky. It is excellent for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. You will be able to store all your fishing rods, tackle and gear without cramping and overloading the bag. 

  • Light And Comfortable 

Since the bag is large and spacious, you probably think it might be heavy. Well, it is not. The bag weighs 2.7 lbs. only. It is super light and comfortable to carry. The sturdy strap has a soft shoulder pad which makes it easy to carry this tackle bag without straining your shoulder. It also comes with a strong yet soft upper handle for easy lifting. 

  • Premium Quality

From the waterproof zippers and compression molded bottom to rubber-coated mesh pockets, every inch of this fishing tackle bag feels premium quality. What’s great is that unlike other bags on the market, with Gonex fishing bags, you get amazing quality at an affordable price tag. 

  • Easy to Organize

The Gonex fishing tackle bag is perfect to store and transport a variety of fishing gear. From tackle box trays, terminal tackle, pliers, bags of bait, and rain gear to the wallet and cell phone, you can fit all your things in this one bag. So, you don’t need to carry multiple bags on your fishing trips. The Gonex fishing tackle bag is all you will need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long is the product guarantee for this bag?

The Gonex fishing tackle bag comes with a warranty of 1 year. The warranty covers defects in the product material and workmanship. Regular repair and maintenance are not included in the one-year warranty. 

Q2. Does this bag come with bait boxes?

No, unfortunately, this bag does not include bait boxes. You will have to purchase them separately. 

Q3. Is the shoulder strap non-slippery?

The strap is made up of sturdy non-slip material. Moreover, the padded part of the shoulder strap has a sponge which also provides additional friction to prevent sliding and slipping. 

Q4. Is this bag durable?

Yes, this bag is durable. It is made up of high-quality material and finishes like PVC, oxford fabric, EPE pearl cotton (filled), and EVA. All these materials are strong and long-lasting. 

Q5. What are the dimensions of this bag?

The Gonex fishing tackle bag is a large-sized fishing bag. Its dimensions are 18.5 x 11 x 11 inches. 

Q6. What other colors is this bag available in?

The Gonex fishing tackle bag is currently only available in black color. It has a neon green and cyan-colored interior and stitching for finishing. The pop of color against the black surface stands out and gives this tackle bag a stylish look. 

Q7. Is this bag washable?

This bag is designed to be waterproof, but it can get dirty and muddy. You don’t need to wash it as you can easily wipe off the mud/dust with a cleaning cloth. However, if you do wish to wash it, there’s no harm. It will not damage the bag. Do not use bleach and harsh detergents.

Q8. What is the capacity of this tackle bag?

The Gonex fishing tackle bag has a capacity of 20 liters. This bag can easily fit 4 x 3700 tackle boxes in the main compartment and a 3600-bait box in the front pocket. It also includes many different back, front, side, and internal pockets to store fishing gear and other things. 

Q9. What happens if the zipper breaks?

This Gonex fishing tackle bag has a waterproof SBS zipper. It is designed to move smoothly, so you do not have to worry about it breaking like other zippers on tackle bags. However, if the zipper does get flimsy or breaks off, you can easily get it repaired.


While there are many affordable fishing bags on the market, they are often very bad quality. At the same time, the good ones cost too much. It has become hard to find a fishing tackle bag that ticks all the boxes and suits your pocket. 

Well, your search ends right here. We have found an excellent quality fishing box with great features and an affordable price. The Gonex fishing tackle bag has all the qualities of a good fishing bag. It is long-lasting, spacious, waterproof, comfortable, and affordable. This bag will survive the roughest weather and keep your things safe even if drenched by the waves.  

So, load up this tackle bag with fishing lures, soft baits, jigs, weights, hooks, rigs, and other gear for your next fishing trip. You will easily carry all these things without hurting the shoulder, thanks to the soft adjustable handle. 

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