GARMIN STRIKER™ Plus 4cv Review

If you enjoy fishing, but don’t always have the best of luck catching, a fishfinding device could be the difference between disappointing fishing trips and great ones. The Garmin STRIKER™ Plus 4cv, with best-in-class features provides sonar fishfinding and GPS navigation for a smoother, more enjoyable fishing experience. The device is one of the most affordable of its kind, built for ease-of-use and durability in the rugged outdoors.

What is The Garmin STRIKER™ Plus 4cv?

This Garmin product is a fishfinding and GPS device available at economical rates. The STRIKER™ Plus 4cv, boasting the latest sonar technology, is useful for anyone who spends a lot of time on the water. It creates accurate images for better fish finding, helps guide you through aquatic terrain, and lasts through wear and tear.


The STRIKER™ Plus 4cv comes with accessories and manuals for intuitive use. The items in the box include:

The Device: The compact and rugged Plus 4cv fishfinder is ready for use when you purchase. 

  • GT20-TM Transducer: This item creates a reading of the images around the boat for detailed and accurate viewing.
  • Power/Data Cable: This durable cable is compatible with your STRIKER™ Plus 4cv device.
  • Tilt Mount: This mount is great for when you’re looking for stability with an option for swivel and mobility.
  • Hardware: The device comes with any items needed for easy installation on your boat.
  • Documentation: You’ll also receive any necessary paperwork including the fully detailed instruction manuals.

Benefits of STRIKER™ Plus 4cv

The STRIKER™ Plus 4cv offers many notable benefits. Some of these include: 

  • CHIRP Sonar: This device has both traditional sonar and Garmin ClearVü scanning sonar. This sonar allows you to see a clear image of what is around your boat including fish, vegetation, and underwater structures. Reading the sonar will help you determine where to go in order to increase your chances of fishing success.
  • GPS: The GPS is built-in to the device, for easy navigation. Using this feature, you can indicate your route and view your boat’s speed. The GPS is highly sensitive, for accuracy in position, wherever you are.
  • Quickdraw ™ Contours: This feature allows you to create your own maps including 1’ contours. This is a great option for personalization.
  • Sunlight Readability: With a user-friendly screen, this device is readable even on the brightest days. The product is constructed sturdily for outdoor use.

Drawbacks of STRIKER™ Plus 4cv

The STRIKER™ Plus 4cv is designed to be an affordable option for someone looking for a GPS capable fishfinder. It is smaller than other devices, so for someone who prefers a larger screen for easier viewing, the small screen would be a notable drawback. Most customers are satisfied with the size of the screen for the price, but others were willing to make a larger investment for greater viewing capabilities.

How to Use The STRIKER™ Plus 4cv

To install and use your STRIKER™ Plus 4cv you’ll want to begin by turning to the instruction manuals, also available in their full form online. Once your device is on your boat, you’ll be able to use features like CHIRP sonar and mapping. One distinguishing feature is that you can mark places where you’ve found many fish, so you can easily come back later. You’ll also have to read your sonar via the screen to interpret the best places to fish. The controls are found on the right side of your device.


The biggest risk associated with the STRIKER™ Plus 4cv is water damage. Although the device is built to withstand the elements, if it’s submerged it could still become damaged. Those who own the product find it to be more durable than other pieces of marine technology, though water does pose a risk.

Who Should Buy The STRIKER™ Plus 4cv?

Someone who would like to bring their fishing experience up a notch should definitely consider purchasing the STRIKER™ Plus 4cv. It is a great product, especially if you’re not looking to make a huge investment in a device. If you’ve ever been frustrated by an unsuccessful fishing trip or wanted to add more precision to your navigation, the STRIKER™ Plus 4cv offers a fast solution.


The price of your STRIKER™ Plus depends upon your size and sonar type selections, with the larger screens and more advanced sonar additions costing a premium. The 4” Plus 4cv with ClearVü and traditional CHIRP sonar sells for $179.99 USD. The 5” Plus 5cv is available for $299.99 USD, while the 7” Plus 7cv is available for $399.99 USD and the 9” Plus 9sv is available for $599.99 USD. The Plus 4cv is very affordable for the quality of the technology, and priced lower than similar Garmin products.

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Customer Reviews

The STRIKER™ Plus 4cv receives excellent customer reviews, with a 4.5 rating on Amazon, and many positive accolades available on fishing-focused sites. Users praise the device as one of the more affordable options of its kind. If you’re looking to get good bang for your buck, the STRIKER™ Plus 4cv is the way to go. According to reviewers, it lasts for a long time, surviving unpredictable nautical weather, wear, and tear. Reviewers note that if you’re looking for a bigger device with more capabilities you might want to choose a different fishfinder.

Final Thoughts

Fishing can be a difficult, uncertain practice. Those who fish can often be frustrated to come home with nothing to show for their trip. With the latest technology however, empty-handed fishing trips can become obsolete. Garmin’s STRIKER™ Plus 4cv is a great fishfinding options for those looking to enhance their marine experience on a budget. The device is made to last, with super durable materials that can withstand days out on the ocean. The GPS is highly sensitive for excellent and precise navigation through difficult terrain. The biggest drawback to the product is that the screen is not as large as other fishfinders. However, for mariners who want an affordable product with great features, the STRIKER™ Plus 4cv is one of the better options on the market.

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