Garmin ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv Review

Have you ever departed for a fishing trip only to come back disappointed and empty-handed? If so, you may benefit from a sonar and navigation device that is designed to help you with your fishing needs. The Garmin ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is one of the best products of its kind, offering Garmin CHIRP sonar, LakeVü g3 Maps, and options to create your own maps and share with members of the fishing community. If you’re looking to change the way you fish, consider the ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv, an instant upgrade to your marine experience.

What is the Garmin ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv?

The Garmin ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is a tool for fishing with sonar technology, preloaded maps, and software for creating your own personalized fishing maps. It also has Wi-Fi capabilities, with an app available for connection to your mobile device. The product is designed for easy use and readability. The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is one of the best pieces of technology currently on the fishing and boating market.


The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv comes with everything you need already in the box. Your product includes:

  • The device itself measuring at 9.8″ x 5.5″ x 2.0″ and 1.7 lbs with screen measuring 6.1” x 5.5” x 2.0”
  • GT22HW-TM transducer
  • Power/data cable
  • Tilt mount for mounting with mobile capability
  • Flush mount for stable mounting
  • Protective cover for the safety of the device
  • Hardware
  • Documentation


There are many positive components to ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv, with current technology and user-friendly design. Some of the benefits include:

  • Scanning Sonar: This product includes advanced sonar technologies for fish-finding and terrain navigation. The Garmin CHIRP sonar is very well regarded among mariners.
  • LakeVü g3 Maps: This feature allows you to navigate with ease, using super detailed maps. Maps include terrain features like roads, bridges, fishing areas, and underwater terrain.
  • Quickdraw Contours: This feature allows you to create your own maps, personalized to your needs. You can even share your maps with others via the Quickdraw community. This is a fun and useful feature for any mariner.
  • Screen Readability: The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv was built with the user’s needs in mind. For bright days out on the ocean or bay, the device features a sun readable screen, so you can see just as well in the light as you can in the dark.


When comparing the ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv with the ECHOMAP™ UHD 93sv, the obvious difference is the quality of the sonar. The UHD version offers high definition while the Plus 73c does not. If high resolution is very important to you, the UHD might be the better option, however if you are looking for a more affordable sonar and navigation device, the Plus 73cv still has great quality sonar.

How To Use

All of the information you’ll need to successfully use your ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is available in the online owner’s manual and instruction manuals. The device is WiFi enabled and portable, featuring a quick-release mount. You can control the Sonar and Mapping capabilities via the control panel on the right side as well as with the interactive touchscreen. You can also download the AcessCaptain app on your mobile device in order to access and download new charts. If you don’t currently know how to, you should learn to interpret a sonar image to more effectively use your ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv to find fish.

Potential Risks

This is not a dangerous product. It can even improve your level of safety by helping you navigate treacherous waters. One risk to be aware of, however, is water damage. The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cvis is largely water resistant, withstanding splashing, weather, and even brief submergence. However, if submerged for more than a brief while, an ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv may not survive. Although you don’t have to worry about any water on your boat, you’ll want to be sure not to drop your device in a body of water.

Who Should Buy It?

The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is a solid option for a mariner who wants to improve their fishing and see greater results. If you hate going on a fishing trip and coming back with no fish, or want to engage in more precise navigation, this device could help you better your nautical experience. The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is also a relatively affordable option compared to Garmin devices of the like or others on the market. If you’re looking for excellent quality, interactive features, and advanced technology, this device could definitely be for you.


The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv with GT22 transducer is available for $599.99 USD through the Garmin site. You can use the “find a dealer” feature to search for a dealer in your town and state. This price tag is comparable to other products on the market and of good value for the quality of the device.

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Customer Reviews

The ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv gets very positive reviews from users. On Amazon, 84% of ratings are 5 stars. Users like the intuitive touchscreen and easy readability, even in the sun. They also note the accuracy of the GPS and mapping feature. Owners of the product enjoy the usefulness of the ClearVü feature which allows for easy viewing of sonar. Although a sonar and charting device is an investment, almost all customers felt that it was a worthwhile one. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a mariner with a passion for fishing who is looking to enhance their experience with an excellent piece of technology, the ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is a great option. The product has the best versions of technologies which have become staples in the fishing world. Reviewers find the product easy to use with an interactive interface and sun readability.

One of the best features of the device are Quickdraw maps, allowing you to create your own maps directly on the screen and even share them with other mariners for a community-based experience. As far as technology goes, the ECHOMAP™ Plus 73cv is some of the best you can get to see a significant improvement to your time on the water.

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