Calamus Fishing Tackle Bag Review

There are many new tackle storage solutions on the market right now. However, the good old tackle bag remains the best one. Fishing tackle bags offer storage, durability, reliability and convenience for anglers. However, it can be hard to find the right tackle bag that fits all your requirements. Moreover, some tackle bags can be as high as $150 and above. So, how do you find a fishing tackle bag that is affordable yet good quality? To help you a little in your search of the perfect fishing tackle bag, here is a detailed product description of the Calamus Fishing Tackle bags. Calamus fishing tackle bags have a 4.4 / 5 rating on Amazon. 

So, let us dig right in and tell you everything you need to know about the Calamus fishing tackle bag. 


  • Calamus fishing bag is available in different colors 
  • This bag is waterproof and abrasion resistant 
  • This bag can accommodate 4 x 3600 tackle trays
  • This bag has mesh and zipper pockets 
  • This bag is comfortable and easy to carry 
  • This bag is one of the cheapest on the market 
  • It is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • It is a unisex fishing bag 


  • Very basic design 
  • Tackle boxes are not included 
  • The material feels poor quality 


Calamus is a fishing products brand. It has a collection of fishing gear, apparel and tools like fishing tackle bags, fishing knife, fishing lines, fishing reel, fishing lures and more. You can find all these products on Amazon. The best thing about Calamus products is that they are super cheap and affordable. You would not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a single product. So, if you want to create fun memories of a nice fishing trip with friends and family, Calamus products are worth it. So, gear up with Calamus products such as the Calamus fishing tackle bag and experience the fun of fishing! 


  • The dimensions of the bag are 14.76 x 9.57 x 2.56 inches
  • The weight of the bag is 1.15 pounds 
  • Suitable for unisex adults 
  • Material used for bag is polyester 
  • Type of closure used are bungee, zippers, 
  • The bag is available in three color variants: Orange, Khaki and Green
  • The bag has no slip rubber feet 
  • It has abrasion Resistant SBR Handle Wrap
  • It has Removable Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Features heavy duty composite hardware 

Product Features 

Now, let us take a close look at the best features of this Calamus fishing tackle bag: 

  • Storage

Calamus fishing tackle bag offers decent storage space. The bag’s dimensions fully expanded including pockets are14.3 x 9 x 7.5. This bag can hold up to 4 x 3600 tackle boxes and an additional 3500 size fishing lure box in the front pocket. You can also store terminal tackle, fishing tools and lures in this bag. The additional pockets allow you to hold soft bait, crank bait, fishing bait, hook, jig, fishing weight, fishing reel and more. All in all, you will get 7 internal and external storage pockets for fishing tackle. 

  • Tough and Durable

The Calamus fishing tackle bag is made up of 600D rip-stop Polyester material. This material is tough, long lasting and waterproof. The bag also includes an inner PVC layer. Moreover, the durable and sturdy composite clips will provide exceptional performance and reliability for long term use. However, compared to other makes and models on the market, the material of this fishing tackle bag does feel slightly cheaper and lower quality. So, it is recommended to carry this bag on short fishing trips on freshwater. 

  • Waterproof 

Every fishing tackle bag needs to be waterproof, otherwise it is just useless. The Calamus fishing tackle bag has an inner PVC layer that provides protection to the bag. It will keep the contents inside the bag dry and safe from water damage. Moreover, the durable 600D PE PVC coated bottom will repel any moisture from the bottom of the boat or deck. The Calamus fishing tackle bag also has tacky rubber feet to grip the surface. This prevents the tackle bag from sliding off inside the boat.

  • Easy to Organize

The Calamus fishing tackle bag is a good quality fishing tackle bag to transport a variety of fishing gear. You can easily organize your fishing accessories in this bag. The main compartment of this fishing tackle bag will hold 4 x 3600 size tackle box trays. These tackle trays are not included with the package. Moreover, the front pocket can also accommodate a 3500-tackle tray box. You can organize the rest of your fishing tools and accessories in the extra pockets. So, all your fishing stuff like bags of bait, pliers, terminal tackle, rain gear, tools, cell phone and wallet will have its own place in the bag. 

  • Functional Design 

The Calamus fishing tackle bag has a basic and simple design. However, it does not compromise on functionality and ease of use. The bag is designed to offer maximum functionality to fishermen with its features. The adjustable bungee tie-down system will provide you quick and easy access to your fishing stuff like soft baits, rain gear, or tools. Moreover, both ends of the bag have elastic mesh pockets which you can use to hold other stuff like water bottles, sunglasses, etc. It can also serve as extra fishing tackle storage for wheel, spools, bait or line. The bag also has loop pulls and contrasting zippers for easy use. 

  • Comfort

Calamus fishing tackle bag is super lightweight. It only weighs around a pound. This means that you can fully load up the bag and it won’t be heavy or bulky to carry. This tackle bag also features a soft padded shoulder strap and handle for comfortable lifting and carrying. So, load up the Calamus fishing tackle bag with tackle trays, soft baits, crank baits, fishing lures, jigs, hooks, rigs, weights, terminal tackle and more. The shoulder strap and handle will give full comfort and prevent strain.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Calamus fishing tackle bag customers often have:

Q1. How many colors are the Calamus tackle fishing bags available in?

The Calamus fishing tackle bag is available in three different color variations: 

  1. Simple khaki with black trims and strap (tackle trays not included)
  2. Black with neon green trim and details (tackle trays not included)
  3. Black with bright orange trim and entails (tackle trays not included)

All the bags cost the same and come in the same size. 

Q2. Is the bag suitable for saltwater fishing? 

This Calamus fishing tackle bag can be used on all kinds of fishing water but we recommend limiting it to freshwater only. Even though the bag is 100% waterproof and prevents saltwater elements from seeping in the bag, it is not strong enough to handle rough use and abuse. So, this bag is perfect if you like to go fishing in freshwater like ponds, lakes and rivers. It can survive bay fishing too. 

Q3. Does this fishing tackle bag come with tackle trays? 

No, unfortunately the bag does not include tackle trays. It can accommodate 4 x 3600 tackle trays and 1 x 3500 tackle boxes, stored vertically or horizontally. You will need to purchase them separately or you can use the tackle trays you already have if they are the suitable size. 

Q4. This fishing tackle bag is manufactured by which brand? Is it made in the USA?

The Calamus fishing tackle bags are sold by Calamus. However, the bag does not have a tag or label to tell us exactly where the bag is manufactured. Since most fishing tackle bags are made in China, we can assume this tackle bag is made in China. 

Q1. How many pockets does this Calamus fishing tackle bag have? 

The calamus fishing tackle bag has one main compartment and 7 extra pockets. One internal pocket, one front external pocket, 2 side zipper pockets, 2 side mesh pockets and one external back zipper pocket. The bag also has an adjustable bungee tie down system to maximize storage capacity. 


The calamus fishing tackle bags look simply, perform better and offer functionality. People with a fishing budget should invest in Calamus bags as they have everything you need in a fishing tackle bag. Fishing enthusiasts will be impressed with the durability, space and comfort of this bag. Moreover, you can also use the Calamus fishing tackle on other outdoor adventures like hiking, hunting, camping and skiing. It can be worn as a sling shoulder bag, hand bag and even a travel bag. 

The Calamus fishing tackle bag is not the best when it comes to features but it does offer the best class value when it comes to budget. At just $29 it certainly offers value for money. So, if you want an affordable good quality tackle bag, check out the Calamus fishing tackle bags.

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