Cadence CB8 Baitcasting Reel

This baitcasting reel from Cadence is made with both graphite and aluminum and offers ambidextrous hand orientation. With a weight of just 6.7 ounces it is easy on the hands and wrist yet durable due to the usage of stainless steel as the bearing material.

The first thing that fishermen notice when holding the Cadence CB8 is its comfortable handling. This is because it is ergonomically designed to be compact so that it easily fits into the palm of your hands. The frame is constructed from carbon fiber with aluminum that is aviation grade in the crank shaft and main gear. Those who have tested it have stated that this baitcasting reel is eighty percent lighter than the brass models they’ve tried.


  • Robust aluminum crank shaft and main gear
  • Maximum twenty pound drag system
  • Spool made from machined aluminum
  • Magnetic brakes which can be externally adjusted
  • Aluminum based spool knob tension
  • Ergonomic EVA handles

The EVA style handle knobs are oversized and absorbent to sweat which means that anglers don’t have to worry about it slipping out of their hands when engaging in rigorous fishing or pulling tough and stubborn fish. There are ten bearings which are premium in quality due to their stainless steel and double shielded design with a single anti-reverse based bearing that is instant. It also incorporates a Super Low Torque system which reduces the casting effort while ensuring that every handle turn is quiet and smooth.


  • Made with aviation grade aluminum
  • Lighter than brass yet durable
  • Uses EVA style handle knobs that have excellent grip
  • Effort required for casting is greatly reduced
  • Has a high precision braking system
  • Strong drag mechanism


  • Some users feel it is too noisy
  • Lacks a brake which is internally adjustable
  • Spool can’t be extracted from its reel

Versatile and Rapid Retrieval

The Cadence CB8 uses a gear ratio of 7.3:1 which enables rapid retrieval. This allows anglers to operate with greater efficiency while always maintaining pressure even on the largest fish when dragging them in. The reel comes in three gear ratios, which are 7.3:1, 6.6:1 and 5.6:1 which can be used for multiple situations. Whether you’re pitching, cranking or flipping, this reel will perform the task effortlessly so that you can concentrate on catching fish.

World Class Design and Engineering

The Cadence CB8 is designed to provide superior performance at an attractive price. The bearings are resistant to corrosion and provide handling which is ultra-smooth, with a drag system made from carbon fiber that can handle high pressure. Because the magnetized brake system is adjusted externally, this means that backlash is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely. It is much lighter than baitcasting reels that use brass and unlike other models it is not limited to right hand users, and can also be wielded by lefties.

Durable and Long Lasting Frame

One of the most important components in a baitcasting reel is the frame. Anglers all over the world use Cadence gear because they pay great attention to detail when manufacturing their products. For instance, the CB8 is constructed with a compact design so that it can easily fit in hands of all sizes.

The frame is solid and durable, but is not too heavy. Its EVA handle is designed to absorb sweat so this lowers the chance of you accidentally dropping the reel at a critical moment, such as when you’re attempting to reel in large fish. Stainless steel is prized for its ability to prevent corrosion and this is why it is used in the ball bearings.

Can Be Adjusted Anyway You Like

Fishermen are very picky when it comes to the manner in which they cast and use their baitcasting reel. The engineers at Cadence recognized this and decided to design the CB8 to be extremely adjustable. Every handle turn is silent and simple, and because of the strength of the drag system even large and tough fish will find it nearly impossible to escape.

Applicable to Multiple Fishing Conditions

The aluminum used in the CB8 is double anodized, which maximizes its durability. It can be used in almost any fishing environment and it has an aluminum based star drag clicker that has sound reminders, which results in casts which are both extensive and accurate.

Why Cadence Baitcasters are better than Spinning Reels

While reels have advanced rapidly in recent years, the majority still utilize rudimentary designs. Cadence baitcasting reels have revolutionized the industry because they have reduced line twist, superior accuracy with heavier lures, and better control when compared to spinning reels.

Baitcasters come in multiple gear ratios while providing greater line capacity. Additionally, they have greater durability yet are lighter in weight.  Those that are new to fishing typically begin with spinning reels because they are less complicated than their baitcasting counterparts. However, as amateur fishermen reach the advanced levels and begin expanding their repertoire, they will find that spinning reels have a number of disadvantages.

With a spinning reel, you have to flip a bail, put your finger in the line and then cast, cover your bail, then flip its handle and reel it in. The reel should never be held inverted, or it won’t function properly. Spinners are good for live baits and plastics, since the longest cast will be limited by the strength you use to cast it. The line will eject with very little effort and drag limitation, which allows the lower weight lures to be thrown further.

The downside to using spinning reels is the low retrieval rate. Since their gear ratio isn’t high, retrievals tend to be slow, which can be problematic in challenging fishing conditions. Another thing to take into consideration is the drag ratio.

Drag Ratio

Spinning reels do an outstanding job of catching small fish. But for professionals that are looking to capture large and formidable species, spinning reels are largely inadequate. This is because the drag ratio isn’t good enough to hold onto a big fish, even if you snag one. Cadence baitcasting reels are designed to capture fish of all sizes.

Accurate Casting

While spinning reels are simple to use, they aren’t very accurate. This means that when using them to initiate a cast, managing the rate and direction where the line will come off is almost impossible. This just isn’t acceptable to professionals, especially those who compete in tournaments.

Heavier Lures and Line

Most spinning reels are not designed for heavy lures or test lines. They work best with mono and fluorocarbon lines as well as lighter lures. Additionally, since the reel is situated on the rod’s bottom, it is challenging to achieve the desired cranking pressure on any fish you’re trying to bring in.

The Cadence CB8 Provides Unmatched Power

The CB8 can be used for very specific scenarios. For instance, when applying weighty lines and lures, this reel provide far greater accuracy than any spinning reel. It is indispensable in situations where you need maximum power. This baitcaster also has a stronger backbone, which is the area near the handle that gives the least during twisting,

With this reel you can cast much longer distances than with spinning reels, which often utilize spools which are narrower and smaller that don’t do well with large diameter lines, whereas baitcasters can be thrown extreme distances with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this reel waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof.

Is it normal for its star drag to have some play when moving it sideways?

This is the one area on the CB8 that does not use tight tolerances. Others have also noted down and up lay with the star, however this will not compromise its drag performance. The drag can be set as needed and offers smooth operation with good casting.

How noisy is the spool when casting?

While some users have claimed the CB8 is noisier than usual, others didn’t have a problem with it. Its casting is outstanding and the retrieval is smooth, so there shouldn’t be a great deal of noise, plus the adjustment of the spool tension is simple and may get rid of any unpleasant sounds its making. When its star drag is adjusted it will make an audible and satisfying clicking sound.

Does the CB8 have a 100 percent aluminum frame?

No, the CB8 baitcasting reel only has aluminum in the handle plate along the side and in the gearing but despite this it is still exceptionally durable and long lasting.


The Cadence CB8 is wildly popular among fishermen all over the world. While it doesn’t have a brake which is internally adjustable, its smooth handling, tremendous casting distance and ability to haul in large fish more than make up for it. It is the baitcasting reel of choice for competitive fishermen and those who are looking for a challenge. Because it is made with high quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, it will last for many years. It is a product that you definitely want to add to your collection.

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