BASSDASH FP05 Fishing Tackle Bag Review

Fishing is not just a hobby, for many it is a passion. If you are also passionate about fishing, you need the right tackle bag to take your fishing experience to the next level. There are different tackle bags available today but only a few actually deliver exceptional performance at a good price. A fishing tackle bag is a bag that stores and organizes your fishing gear. Today, we will talk about the BASSDASH FP05 Fishing Tackle Shoulder Bag that offers multiple features to improve your fishing trip.  The BASSDASH FP05 Fishing Tackle Bag has a 4.7/5-star rating on Amazon. 

Let’s take a closer look at the BASSDASH FP05 fishing tackle bag and see if it’s worth the money. 


  • This bag has premium quality finishes 
  • Made up of tough and durable material 
  • This bag is waterproof 
  • The bag has a tough non-slip bottom
  • It has MOLLE system on side pockets
  • Can also include tackle trays 
  • Simple and elegant design
  • It is a spacious large sized bag 
  • The bag had multiple pockets 
  • This bag has heavy duty zippers and handles 


  • Tackle trays are not included with the cheaper version 
  • Not available in other colors 


Bassdash is a fishing products brand. It offers high quality stuff for outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, camping, etc. The brand strives to create premium quality fishing gear at an affordable price. You can find a wide range of fishing products at Bassdash, including apparel, bags, tackle, fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing hooks and more. So, whether you are looking for fishing and other outdoor apparel or accessories, Bassdash has got you covered. It provides reliable, long lasting and comfortable products for its customers. The Bassdash fishing tackle bag is one of its popular fishing products to help you have a great time on the water. All in all, with Bassdash products you will have a great time on your outdoor adventures. 


  • Bag capacity is 5 x 3700 tackle boxes 
  • Material is 600D polyester 
  • The weight of this bag is 1.53 kgs 
  • Approximate Dimensions

Front pockets: 5.8” (L) x 1.7” (W) x 7.3” (H)

Side pockets: 7.7” (L) x 1.7” (W) x 7.0” (H)

The dimensions of this bag are 18.58 (L) x 11.02 (W) x 7.32 (H) inches

  • This bag is available in two prices: 
  • With 5 tackle trays – $90.98
  • Without the tackle trays – $60.98
  • The color of this bag is Medium Green 
  • It has two ways opening SBS zippers 
  • Comes with sturdy ABS fasteners 
  • It has a hard molded bottom 
  • Includes a number of mesh and zipper pockets
  • It comes with an attachable molle pouch 
  • Built-in rain cover at the back zippered pocket

Product Features 

Let’s check out some of the best features of this products: 

  • Waterproof

Imagine your tackle boxes and everything else getting soaked because it suddenly starts raining, or you accidentally kick it in the water. What will you do? Your wallet, phone, baits, etc. are all drenched. Well, this is why your fishing tackle bag needs to be 100% waterproof. The Bassdash fishing tackle bag is made up of polyester and EVA to add image water resistance. This will keep the contents of your fishing tackle bag safe from getting wet. Moreover, the bag also features a molded, hard, waterproof base. Plus, the impact resistant and built-in rain cover also provide additional protection from water damage. 

  • Durable Structure 

A fishing tackle bag is more than just a bag to store your fishing equipment in. Your tackle bag is your storage solution, organization solution and transportation solution. It should be built to serve you on multiple fishing trips throughout the years. The Bassdash fishing tackle bag is made of premium 600D polyester construction with hard molded EVA bottom. These materials are long lasting and add durability and reliability to the product. The Bassdash bag is also build to prevent water damage, dust, rust and abrasion. All in all, this fishing tackle bag is a strong and sturdy option that will survive rough use and tough weather conditions whether you like to go for saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing. 

  • Comfortable Design

The Bassdash fishing tackle bag has a number of design features that you can’t ignore. When speaking of the external design, the military green color fabric with black trim adds a sophisticated look to the bag. Plus, the bag is big enough to hold all your fishing gear but it only weighs around 1.5 kgs. This bag that can accommodate multiple tackle trays and fishing gear is designed to be lightweight even when loaded with stuff. The bag also comes with a double luggage handle with neoprene closure and adjustable padded shoulder strap. This makes the bag easy and comfortable to carry. 

  • Storage

Bassdash fishing tackle bag is a spacious bag, offering a lot of storage for fishing and tackle gear. The main compartment of the bag can carry up to 5 x 3700-size (14” x 9” x 1.77”) tackle boxes. The bag also features a generous number of external pockets. The two front zippered pockets can hold additional tackle trays. There are also different side pockets where you can store different things. For example, you can use the top mesh pockets and top bungee cord for accessories or personal items. There is a plier holster in the front and two zippered side pockets for accessories or small trays. All in all, this Bassdash fishing tackle bag has a lot of storage space to offer. You will be able to store and manage your fishing gear hassle free. 

  • Convenience and Functionality 

If your tackle bag does not add ease and functionality to your fishing trips, it is not doing its job. A good fishing tackle bag is designed to improve your fishing experience and make it hassle free. The Bassdash fishing bag has many features that add convenience. For example, it makes storing, organizing and managing tackle easier. It comes with an adjustable strap to attach rods or rod tubes. There is also a molle compatible system on the side pocket. Moreover, you get a detachable foldable water bottle pouch and a hard molded sunglasses case. Now isn’t that amazing? That’s not it. The bag also boasts a front plier holder. The removable shoulder strap with a soft pad makes sure the bag is comfortable to carry. In short, the Bassdash fishing tackle bag will enhance your fishing trips in many ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Bassdash fishing tackle bag: 

Q1. Does the bottom of the padded shoulder strap of this bag have a non-slip material? Some bags are just a slick nylon.

No, the Bassdash fishing tackle bag does not have a non-slip shoulder strap. However, it does come with a soft pad to add comfort. This bag also adds some friction and prevents the bag from sliding off the shoulder. 

 Q2. Where is this bag manufactured? 

The Bassdash fishing tackle bag is made in China. 

Q3. Does the size listed as 21.6” x 12.2” include all pockets? If so, what are the outside dims of the main compartment?

Bassdash fishing tackle bag dimensions are 21.6″(L) x 12.2″(w). These are the overall dimensions including all the pockets. However, the main inner compartments are 15.5″(L) x 9″(w) x 10″(H). Thus, it is big enough to hold 5 x 3700 tackle trays. These trays are not included with the bag but by paying more, you can get 5 big tackle boxes. 

Q4. Does the Bassdash fishing tackle bag have waterproof zippers?

Bassdash fishing tackle bag has two-way SBS zippers for easy utility. However, the zippers are not waterproof. So, you have to be careful not to let the water from wet zippers seep into the bag. 

Q5. Does the Bassdash fishing tackle bag have a non-slip base?

The Bassdash fishing tackle bag has a molded hard cover bottom. It will prevent the bag from sliding off on wet surfaces but unfortunately it is not non-slip. 


A fishing tackle bag is an invaluable resource to have on your fishing trips. It helps you store and organize bait, lures, personal belongings and other fishing gear all in one place. It makes sure you have what you need while you’re out in the water enjoying. The Bassdash fishing tackle bag has the feature of a good tackle bag. It is durable, waterproof and multipurpose. It provides ample storage to have everything you need for a good fishing trip. So, if you buy this product, it will be worth the investment. The bag has a market competitive price range but unlike others it does not come with tackle trays.

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