Abu Garcia Revo X Baitcasting Reel

The majority of amateur and intermediate fishermen have no interest in purchasing multiple baitcasting reels for every fish species or situation. They want a premium and affordable reel which can be applied to as many trawling conditions as possible. One which enables beginners to grasp the basics while offering enough features for moderate and professional fishermen to elevate their game.

This is why so many anglers are excited about the Abu Garcia Revo X. It checks all the characteristics and functions that many fishermen prioritize when searching for a good baitcasting reel, including affordability, quality and design. It is capable of handling most fishing scenarios with ease.


  • Reel spool made from aluminum
  • 7.9 ounces in weight
  • 8 bearings
  • Magnetic braking system
  • Carbon fiber drag material
  • Maximum 18 pound drag

Aluminum is one of the best materials that you can use for the spool, as it is durable yet light. At 7.9 ounces this is one of the lightest baitcasters we’ve seen, which means it won’t tire out your hands after prolonged use. Bearing count is important because it determines how smoothly the reel operates. Most anglers agree that eight bearings are excellent. Magnetic brake systems are ideal for amateur and intermediate anglers and with the carbon fiber material and eighteen pound drag rate you’ll be able to haul in some heavy fish.


  • Uses star drag type
  • Have gear ratios of 5:4:1, 6:6:1, and 7:3:1
  • Excellent recovery rate
  • Good mono and braid capacity


  • Flimsy plastic frame
  • Not suitable for the heaviest fish

The drag type determines the variety of fish you can reel in, and the Abu Garcia Revo X uses a star drag mechanism. This is good as long as you’re catching fish less than forty pounds, but specimens heavier than this will cause the rod to curve and stretch. It has three gear ratios with 5:4:1 being slow, 6:6:1 being medium while 7:3:1 is high. Its recovery rate ranges from 22” to 30” and the mono capacity is well suited to moderate range casting.

For the price, this is an outstanding baitcaster. While there are certainly more expensive models on the market, those who are just getting started with angling and want a multi-purpose reel that is a jack of all trades but a master of none won’t go wrong with the Abu Garcia Revo X, as it is compatible with a wide variety of lures and can catch numerous fish species.

First Impressions

Those who have prior experience with older generation Abu Garcia reels will notice that this model has a similar shape, size and feel. It fits snugly into your hand and has a solid grip. Because the frame is light in weight it can be used for all day (or all night) fishing sessions without tiring out your wrist. Those who have reached the intermediate level of fishing know the amount of patience and dedication that is needed to get that first nibble.

Although the frame is light in weight, it is also sturdy and resistant to corrosion, which makes it good for fishing in the ocean where the reel will be exposed to salt, sun damage and moisture. While the exterior shares a number of similarities with previous Abu Garcia products, there are a number of moderate changes which have been made to enhance its stability and performance.

Updated Features

The Revo X uses a revised magnetic braking mechanism, which is a big deal because it aids in capturing snappier fish. Its proprietary MagTrax is optimized for multiple lures and sizes and anglers find it simple to adjust which allows them to calibrate their experience as needed.

The drag system has also been updated to include both synthetic material and hybrid carbon. This results in a dragging experience which is more dependable than previous editions. Its rod blanks have been topped off using a guide frame made from stainless steel, which gives extra durability in the overall structure. While many anglers have become accustomed to frequently having to change their baitcasters due to wear and tear after several fishing excursions, the Abu Garcia Revo X is built to last.

Dialing in Procedure

Another advantage of this product is the dialing in procedure, which is smooth and headache free. Anglers have also reported that its spool is largely free spinning, which is most likely the result of the bearings which are exceptional in quality and grade.

Despite this, one criticism of the Revo X that has been noted by some users is that occasionally the spinning becomes too free. Most professional anglers develop their own techniques and may find it necessary to tweak this reel when dialing it. But the overall benefits of this product definitely outweigh the drawbacks.

The grips are larger than many competing baitcasters and the reel handle is longer. For those not accustomed to longer handles it can take some getting used to, but once you have it this product is a joy to use.

Build and Capability

Few corners were cut in the design of this product. It is engineered in such a way where anglers can comfortably use it even in stronger wind conditions. However, you must choose your bait carefully, because fishermen who’ve tested it have stated that the reel started to strain when using heavier lures. A bit of plastic is also used in the frame, which is not that great, because this material doesn’t hold up as well when exposed to extreme environments.

So how good is the Abu Garcia Revo X? Experienced fishermen who have tried it stated that they were able to capture a dozen pike with a length of around 2.5 feet (76 cm). The smallest was about fifty five cm (one foot and nine inches) while the biggest was about ninety two centimeters (three feet and seven inches). The lure of choice was jerkbait.

Why Jerkbait?

Every seasoned fisherman knows that the bait or lure you choose is extremely important. Jerkbait is a type of artificial lure which resembles crankbait but is used differently. Jerkbait is designed for situations where you want to fish slowly. The angler will pull it, then take up its slack, then allow it to sit. After twitching it fishermen might allow it to rest for about thirty seconds. Its strikes are generally fast and hard.

Jerkbait is sold in three varieties, which are suspending, falling and rising. The rising jerks typically contain a lip which makes them drive whenever the angler pulls them. Afterwards they will slowly rise up to the water’s surface. The falling bait will behave in the opposite manner, while suspending will remain where you place them. Although jerkbait is more expensive than other types of lures, they are simple to loose and fun to work with.

Visually, jerkbait is designed to look like smaller bait fish. It has two body types, which are soft and hard. Soft jerkbait is also known as flukes and will be comprised of plastic which is soft. Hard jerkbait is also made with plastic and resembles crankbait. Floating jerkbait is excellent for shallow water environments or areas which contain excess vegetation. Suspending jerkbait is good for frigid water temperatures as well as open aquatic environments. Sinking jerkbait is excellent for fishermen who plan on operating in deep structures or cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Revo X and Revo X-HS?

The Revo X has a gear ratio of 6:6:1, while the Revo X-HS has a ratio of 7:3:1. It should also be noted that “HS” means high speed.

I have an extra rod that is 7’ mid heavy with 12 to 25 pound capacity would it work with the Revo X?

Yes, this reel could be rigged to the Abu Garcia Revo X and will do well, but you will want to spool it using #20 to #30 braid with a leader included.

Is this baitcasting reel good for catching salmon?

Anglers have reported being able to catch steelhead using the Revo X with 20# braid/cranks. It should work well with salmon also.

Does this reel include a quick release style side cover so that spool can be removed?

Yes, the Revo X has this function.

Oil is included in the packaged, what is its purpose?

The oil is designed to lubricate the gears, but you’ll want to use it sparingly. If dirt gets on the gear it might stick to its oil, which is why this reel should never be placed near sandy areas. When the Revo X is not being used, you should place it in a reel cover to stop dust from entering the chamber. The oil extends the life of this product and ensures it works smoothly.


The Abu Garcia Revo X is a 4th generation low profile reel that incorporates innovative design. Its alloy frame, light weight and tremendous corrosion resistance ensures that you will be able to use it for many years to come. The brake pressure is constant and its Carbon Matrix drag mechanism guarantees smooth performance.

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