10 Best Fishing Nets For Kayak Anglers 2024

1. PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net (Orange Telescopic Pole)

The PLUSINNO Floating Fishing net with an orange telescopic pole is our number one pick for many reasons.  This net is very affordable for those fishermen who are on a tight budget.  Featuring a durable nylon netting with rubber coating, this fishing net is abrasion resistant.  

With a classic net shape, this fishing net measures 15.8″ x 11.8″ hoop, 9.85″ depth and 39″ Extended Length. The foam padding on the net will provide buoyancy. This is the perfect feature for those fishermen that are continuously losing their fishing net.

As it is a telescopic pole, it folds up in four easy steps. Simply push the button, then pull back.  Fold the pole and then the net and you are good to go.  


  • A robust yet lightweight  aluminum design
  • Long handle to provide plenty of leverage with a good grip
  • Rubber coated non-snag net that prevents odor absorption and becoming waterlogged
  • Foldable handle that easily fits into a backpack


  • Great for catch and release fishing
  • Easily flips open with one hand
  • Very comfortable grip on the handle
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing


  • Not suitable for big game fishing

Bottom line:  If you need a lightweight fishing net that will not break the bank, this PLUSINNO fishing net is for you.  It is durable and easy to unfold and fold up, and takes up minimal space.

2. SAN LIKE Collapsible Telescopic Pole Fishing Net  

If you are looking for a fishing net that will allow a fish to be caught and released, look no further.  The SAN LIKE Collapsible Telescopic Pole Fishing Net has you covered. With large mesh holes and a flat bottom, you can rest assured that the fish will be returned back to the water without being hurt.

With a foldable and non-slip handle, this fishing net can be used for a variety of purposes.  Use it from your kayak or boat to help capture the fish you just caught. Or use it for catching minnows in a creek.  Tadpoles or other small fish and animals can also be captured using this net.

This SAN LIKE fishing net has a belt clip that may be used to hang it from a PFD or a belt. The extendable  handle is very  helpful for off the bank fly rodding or for  floating in a boat.

The company noticed many individuals were complaining of a pole that was too weak to fish with.  Upon complaints investigated, SAN LIKE looked into this, addressing the weak point, and developed a stronger pole.


  • Comes with a belt clip that makes the fishing net extremely easy to carry
  • The flat bottom ensures a less chance of the fish thrashing around, which leads to injury
  • Has a storage Length of 16.9″  with a Collapsed Length of 31.9″ and a  2 Sections Extended length of 41″


  • Compact design
  • robust and durable
  • budget friendly/great bang for your buck
  • easy to clean
  • large mesh holes ensure the fish has a less of a chance to get hurt


  • Some feel that this fishing net is not suitable for larger catches

Bottom line:  If you are going to be fishing for small critters, you can easily use the SAN LIKE Collapsible Telescopic Pole Fishing Net .  We feel like it is the perfect net to get youngsters acquainted with fishing nets as it works wonders for smaller fish.

3. YVLEEN Floating Fishing Net (Green Telescopic Pole)

The YVLEEN Floating Fishing Net with a green telescopic pole features a  foldable style making  this fishing net very  compact, easy to transport or even to attach to a backpack. Weighing in at only  0.78 pounds from the fishing net and the belt clip design, it is almost impossible to feel while you are carrying it.

You will never need to worry about losing your YVLEEN Floating Fish Net.  This  floating fishing net contains a premium foam around the rim of the hoop and handle.  This  offers  good floatability so one can retrieve the  fishing net in case the net is dropped at the bottom of the water.


  •  A square shaped design creates a fishing net  that is wide enough for a fish to be flat in the fishing net,making it  less of a struggle with the fish.
  • The fishing net is equipped with elastic rope and metal buckles.
  • The fishing net is manufactured with a metal plated mesh ring  and  EVA lightweight comfortable handle.
  •  Fixed style of the fishing net has a hoop size of 11.8 X 15.16″ with a depth of 11.8″.  This provides a total length of 31.5″ and a folded length of 16.7″.
  • Telescopic style has a hoop size of  11.8X 15.16″ with a depth of 11.8″.  The total extendable length is  38.6 ” with a folded length of 16.7 “.


  • Super lightweight- many will not even know they are carrying it
  • Soft rubber material that is scratch-proof/ no injury to fish
  • Easily floats so you will never have to worry about losing it


  • Net is on the smaller size, so may not be good for reds, snooks, or larger fish.

Bottom Line:  If you are looking for a super lightweight fishing net that is perfect for smaller fish and very friendly to the pocketbook, this fishing net is it. From a trusted company, this fishing net allows you to catch ample fish in the square shaped net.

4. Black Paw Square Foldable Lure Net

The Black Paw Square Foldable Lure Fishing Net is pleasing on the eyes with a bold  colored neoprene foam wrapped around the hoop and a stitched color mesh.  Designed for the  wading fisherman, this high-density neoprene foam wrapped in the hoop offers sufficient buoyancy.  This means you will never have to worry about dropping the net into the water and losing it.

With a collapsible telescopic pole handle that measures 14 x17 “( hoop), 14” depth and 32’’ extended length, the folded size for storage is 14’’and 17’’ with a weight of  1.26 pounds.

Both the hoop and pole are made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and feature stainless steel screws. The rubber coating 3-D net is hook and snag free and  super fish-friendly. The unique longitudinal mesh bag structure allows one to  catch and release the fish easily. The waterproof coating can also make the mesh bag non-absorbent and odorless.


  • This fishing net is very easy to fold up and down.  Simply pull back the button, then press down.
  • Durable materials are used in the manufacturing process to ensure a robust fishing net.


  • attractive looking
  • suitable for fresh and saltwater
  • Easy to carry
  • can be used in multiple situations


  • mid price range/may not be affordable for some fishermen

Bottom line:  If you are looking for a salt and freshwater fishing net that can be used in a variety of situations, this fishing net takes the cake.  

5. Tailored Tackle Floating Shore Fishing Net  

The Tailored Tackle Floating Shore Fishing Net takes our number five spot as it is expertly designed. Designed with a network of professional fishing guides and experts, this fishing net gives a durable, high performing fishing gear that’s efficient and effective.  

With a rubber coated net mesh, this fishing net  allows for healthy fish landing and release.  The rubberized mesh won’t cut into the fish’s scales or gills. These pure rubber nets are heavy and not water dynamic.  Thus, they are slow to land fish, but rubberized mesh provides a safe release without impacting speed.


  • Floating Shore Fishing Net with our Proprietary Floating Design
  • Built in Belt Clip for Transportation
  • Telescopic and Foldable for Easy Storage and Transportation
  • Bungee Carabiner Clip for Security and Storage
  • Rubberized Mesh for Healthy Release of Fish


  • Great for freshwater fishing- perch, crappie, bluegill, and many more
  • excellent craftsmanship
  • very sturdy and robust
  • easy to fold
  • lightweight


  • not for saltwater fishing

Bottom Line:  This fishing net is well worth the price as it is sturdy and robust and designed with many fishermen in mind.

6. EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net  

The EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net is an innovative modular platform that lets one remove the net and use all of its 30+ interchangeable attachments that are sold separately.  The 18″ slider handle extends to 36″ while the 29″ slider handle extends to 60″.  The 48″ handle extends to 108″.  This fishing net was truly designed to make fishing trips easier. Take this fishing net with you on the pond, river, lake, stream, or ocean.  It can be used in canoes, kayaks, boats, and jet skis.

The EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net was designed by professionals that have been in the business for over 14 years.  They understand what a truly great fishing experience is, and know that with a few tweaks and additions to their fishing nets, these experiences can happen.  EGO understands how certain tools make fishing more enjoyable, thus allowing you to catch more.  Therefore, with their interchangeable attachments, you can rest assured you will have the best time out on the lake or river.


  • Amazing Grip that is very comfortable
  •  Easily extends 29″ to 60″
  • Interchange modular head
  •  Multiple mesh types
  • Can land up to  30 pounds of fish.
  • Has a revolutionary S2 Slider technology that with a simple push or pull allows you to control the length of the net.


  • comes with a 2 year warranty
  • net easily slides right out
  • transforms with the twist of a wrist
  • can be used for fresh or saltwater


  • on the more expensive side
  • When the extension pole is used, the net does not float
  • the foam on the handle can easily rip or tear

Bottom Line:  If you do not mind shelling out extra money, this fishing net is the way to go.  With so many attachments, such as a lure retriever or a deck brush, you can be certain that your fishing experience will be the best it ever has been.

7. Black Paw Triangle Folding Wading

If you love bold and bright things, the Black Paw Triangle Folding Wading Fishing Net will have you sold.  Featuring a  bright color of neoprene foam wrapped around the hoop and stitched color mesh, this net is super attractive.

Black Paw, a company that is specially designed for wading fishermen, created this high-density neoprene foam wrapped in a hoop that offers  sufficient buoyancy.  You will never have to worry about your net being lost in the water as it will float should you drop it.

 The rubber coating 3-D net is hook and snag free and super fish-friendly. The unique longitudinal mesh bag structure makes you catch and release the fish easily. Waterproof coating can also make the mesh bag non-absorbent and odorless.


  • Has a snag free and hook free netting that allows for one to catch and release in a humane manner.
  • The mesh net will not absorb odors.
  • This fishing net has an aluminum handle.


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to fold
  • lightweight
  • solid
  • affordable


  • No foreseeable cons

Bottom Line: The Black Paw Triangle Folding Wading Fishing Net is well worth the price as it is solid and easy to carry.  Perfect for catch and release, you can rest assured that this net can be used on kayaks and boats in oceans, ponds, streams, rivers, and more. This is the perfect addition to a fishing trip.  

8. Frabill Floating Net

The Frabill Floating Trout Fishing Net takes the number 8 spot on our review countdown as it comes from a well trusted company.  Frabill, which has been around since 1938, designs their nets specifically for anglers who need a convenient, easy to carry, one-handed landing net. The  company realizes that serious fishermen need serious equipment.

With a comfortable handle, it features a lanyard with carabiner clip which assists in  preventing the net from floating away. It is also available in multiple hoop sizes that all feature a flat bottom net which better  supports a fish’s weight evenly, thus reducing fish injury.  And the gun metal hoop finish will not spook fish, which is often a huge concern of fishermen.

The floating hoop  on this fishing net keeps the net on the water’s surface for easier fish handling.  The  design also protects the tangle-free micromesh rubberized netting, which will guarantee that you land a praiseworthy catch of the day.

The Frabill Floating Trout Fishing Net is ideal for wading, bank fishing or a canoe or kayak.  It is well crafted for those that have the desire to do catch and release fishing.


  • The Frabill Floating Trout Net features a hoop size of 13 X 18″.
  • It has a dipped micro-mesh net that is soft and gentle.


  • Has a deep net that will not allow fish to jump out
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • lightweight
  • oversized net does not get in the way
  • affordable


  • treble hooks seem to become tangled in the net

Bottom Line:  If you are looking for a fishing net that is made from a trusted company that knows how to produce great quality, this fishing net is one you need.  With a design that has been proven effective in landing fish, you can be certain this is the net you need.  With a huge net and a small price tag, you can be certain you are getting the most for your buck.

9. YakAttack Leverage Landing Net  

The YakAttack Leverage Landing Net  is a full rubber net that features a  revolutionary forearm grip featured on the Leverage Landing Net.  This  offers unparalleled stability and control.

The hinged design also  allows the handle to fold alongside the net for compact and easy stowage.  Those in a small kayak or boat will appreciate this feature.

This net does well with many different species of fish.  Many like to use it for  bass, crappie, trout, walleye, and panfish.

While YakAttack has not been around for a super long time, they do know what they are doing.   Their  designs are always problem solving solutions that are relevant, effective, and second to none in terms of quality and performance.


  • Revolutionary forearm grip
  • unit folds for easy storage
  • a foam covered extension on the handle allows for the net to be stored in a tube style or flush mount rod holder
  • Full rubber net
  • 12″ X 20″ Hoop
  • 49” Overall Length


  • Comes with a built for life guarantee
  • has a comfortable grip
  • Sturdy
  • Has a high level of control and accuracy
  • can be unfolded in a mere few seconds


  • on the pricey side

Bottom Line: With a built for life guarantee, we do not feel that you can go wrong with this fishing net.  While it is on the pricey side, you will never have to worry about it if it becomes broken due to this.  This fishing net can be used by pros or by those just starting. 

10. Black Paw Floating Wading Net

The Black Paw Floating Wading Net rounds out our top 10.  This net is perfect for kayaking, boat fishing, wading, or even bank fishing.

With a hoop size of 14″ x 17″, the neoprene foam wrapped hoop can easily float on the water.

A comfortable handle and lanyard with carabiner clip prevents the  net from floating away.  With the shot handle, you will be able to have the exact leverage you need to pull in your catch.  


  • Ample hoop size that easily floats on the water
  • Short handle 


  • Can be used for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Has a comfortable handle


  • Seems to sell out fast

Bottom Line: The Black Paw Floating Wading Fishing Net can be added to a fisherman’s collection of nets.  Young and old alike can use this fishing net. It is comfortable to use and with the lanyard and clips, you will never have to worry about it floating away.  Therefore, we believe this is a win when it comes to fishing nets.

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